The role of plagiarism in the digital age

Table of Contents 

  • Why is plagiarism on the rise?
  • Reasons why people plagiarize in the digital age
  • The challenge of plagiarism in the digital age
  • The best plagiarism checker in the digital age
  • Preventing plagiarism in the digital age
  • Conclusion about plagiarism in the digital age

Why is plagiarism on the rise?

We have already defined plagiarism as the use of another person’s work or content either intentionally or unintentionally. We have noticed a steady rise of plagiarism since the inception of the digital age. We can hear musician’s accusing each other of plagiarism. Politicians pointing fingers here and there. Students also are among the biggest casualties of plagiarism. Whether the plagiarism is intentional or unintentional, the consequence of plagiarism remains the same.

It is easier to plagiarize during the digital age than the previous age. At the same time, it is not easy to maintain plagiarism within the acceptable plagiarism limits.

Reasons why people plagiarize in the digital age

There are three main reasons why people plagiarize during the digital age. The first being that there is a lot of content already published online. In this regard, it is not easy to come up with entirely new information that has not been published within the digital platforms. The more the content out there, the easier is it to replicate the content and thus plagiarize.


The second reason is that the digital plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin has become wiser in detecting even the hidden types of plagiarism. Before the digital age, it was easy to plagiarize and walk away with it. Nowadays is not easy to plagiarize unnoticed even if the plagiarism was unintentional.

The final reason is that the students of the digital age tend to love shortcuts other than work. The love to take advantage of any slight opportunity that may arise. For example, a good number of students are currently writing essays using the AI tools such as ChatGPT. They do not know that those ChatGPT essays are plagiarized. The current plagiarism software such as Turnitin is so advanced that it can detect essays written by AI tools.

The challenge of plagiarism in the digital age

The challenge of plagiarism in the digital age is real and evident. Currently, it is very easy to find several sources on most assignment topics online. The only problem is how to write them in your own words so that you are not caught plagiarizing.

Some websites such as and Course hero even provide more temptations to students because they have answers to a good number of questions and assignments.

The challenge is no longer on how to get the reference sources. The challenge is how to write it in a unique manner so that the powerful plagiarism detection software like Turnitin does not catch you.

The other challenge with plagiarism comes from the essay mills and websites that assist students in academic essay writing. Most of those websites are only concerned with making money and give less attention to plagiarism.

The use of the latest AI tools such as ChatGPT also offers new avenues by which students are attempted to cheat. A good number of students do not know that essays written by AI tools such as ChatGPT are plagiarized essays. Those works are not original content, and you should not submit them the way they are. If you have to write your paper using the AI tools such as ChatGPT, then comment on this post then we will give you the secret on how to write ChatGPT essay without plagiarizing. 

The best plagiarism checker in the digital age

The digital age comes with challenges and opportunities at the same time. In as much as there are more temptation to plagiarize during the digital age, the digital revolutionaries have also come up with powerful plagiarism detection software.

The best plagiarism detection software in the digital age is called Turnitin. We already explained the top 10 reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker.

Turnitin is truly up to the challenges brought about by the plagiarism brought about by the advancements in the digital space. It is for the same reason why Turnitin is recommended by most universities around the world.

If you need a plagiarism checker that is up to the challenges of the digital age, the look no further than Turnitin.

Traditionally, Turnitin was not availed to the students. Only the instructor was allowed to use Turnitin.

Currently, Turnitin is available to students for as low as $29.99 for one year subscription. You can contact us or comment on this post then we will set it up for you. You may also be interested on how we create those individual Turnitin accounts.

We are talking about the non-repository Turnitin account that will not save your document online. The account will also bear your email and your unique password that you can change anytime to lock everybody out.

Preventing plagiarism in the digital age

The following are some of the strategies that you can use to prevent plagiarism in the digital age.

  • Do not use copy paste from the many sources over the internet
  • Do not purchase answers from websites such as course hero and not unless you are using them for reference purposes
  • Do not submit a paper that had already been submitted by for marking earlier
  • Do not use AI tools such as ChatGPT nor any of those online paraphrasing software
  • Always cite or reference all the borrowed ideas in all the paragraphs
  • Do not rely on one source for referencing, instead, rely on as many sources as possible
  • Do not use many quotes in your paper, two or three are enough
  • Ensure you add critical analysis or own thoughts to the borrowed ideas
  • Finally, and most importantly, ensure you check the plagiarism of your final draft work with Turnitin plagiarism checker (contact us if you need Turnitin).

Conclusion about plagiarism in the digital age

Plagiarism is a serious concern to students in the digital age. It has become easier to plagiarize in the digital age than it was previously. At the same time, the digital platforms have provided powerful tools to detect plagiarism. The most powerful plagiarism detection software that you can rely on in the digital age is called Turnitin. You can contact us if you want personal Turnitin account for as low as $29.99 USD for one year subscription. Despite the challenges, it is possible to avoid plagiarism in the digital age by observing the does and the don’ts mentioned above.


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