Top 10 Reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker?

Introduction to Turnitin

Turnitin is one of the most popular and widely accepted plagiarism checking software out there. It is used by universities and colleges around the world.

Currently, it is regarded as the most powerful plagiarism checker. There are close to 50 online plagiarism checker being marketed on the internet. However, they can only be listed after Turnitin. They are not as effective as Turnitin plagiarism checker. Turnitin is so powerful to the extent it even detects ChatGPT plagiarism.

Turnitin the Best Plagiarism Checker

For Turnitin to be recommended for use by universities, they had already checked, tested it, tried it and verified it as the most powerful plagiarism detection software.

In fact, a good number of universities and colleges have integrated Turnitin within their Learning Management Systems (LMS) so that all the works by the student can be checked automatically during submission.

Over the years, Turnitin has promoted academic integrity of learning because it has prevented academic theft.

In this article, we will provide at least 10 reasons why Turnitin is by far the best plagiarism checker. We will also explain two ways of getting access to Turnitin.

How to get access to Personal Turnitin Account?

There are two main ways of getting Turnitin access.

Turnitin Access

The first way is to get access through your university Turnitin. However, this option is limited to only those universities that allow their students to access Turnitin.

It is worth noting that some universities do not allow their students to utilize their Turnitin. Please contact your university librarian about the university Turnitin. If this option is available, then the university librarian will give you access to the institutional Turnitin to enable you check your work.

The second option is to purchase the personal Turnitin account for personal use. You can get access to personal non repository Turnitin account for as low as $19.99 for one year subscription. As a student, you only need to use the non-repository Turnitin because it will not save your wok in the Turnitin database. You can contact us you want to purchase the personal Turnitin account for personal use. It is the most convenient way of checking your papers because you will have your own login credentials that you can use any time anywhere to check your papers as many times as you wish.

10 Reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker.

  1. It is recommended by universities across the world.

Just ask any know university that already purchased a plagiarism checking software or that is planning to purchase a plagiarism checking software what option do they have on the table. You will be surprised to learn that when it comes to matters of plagiarism, all universities speak one voice. They all recommend the Turnitin plagiarism checker.

The universities know and understand that they need something reliable and effective. They understand that Turnitin is up to the task when it comes to plagiarism checking. All other plagiarism checkers outside there can only come second to the Turnitin plagiarism checker.

Now that all other universities including your university is choosing Turnitin, why then should you consider another plagiarism checker? We will never tire to remind the students that they should just stick with Turnitin when it comes to plagiarism checking. It is very important if the plagiarism percentage in your draft paper is the same as the plagiarism percentage your teacher finds in the paper you will be submitting, and such can only happen when you use Turnitin. Currently, Turnitin is easily available to students at a small fee. Please contact us if you want a non-repository Turnitin account one year subscription for only $19.99 dollars.

  1. It can load very large files with many pages.

Many plagiarisms checking software very limited in terms of the size and number of the files they can check. When you are checking large files such as thesis and dissertations, you really need a powerful plagiarism checker that can load your file fully, scan it, and then download the plagiarism report.

Turnitin has proven over and over again as a duty heavy software in terms of testing large files with much ease. Other plagiarism checking software cannot load very large files. They can just load medium and small files.

The ability to load large files is an important aspect of plagiarism checking software. It will save you a lot of time trying to check your files in bits in order to get the plagiarism report.

  1. It is very fast.

Some plagiarism checkers are known to take long time before generating the plagiarism report. Such plagiarism reports have insufficient capability to scan documents that is why they are taking a lot of time to generate the plagiarism report.

When it comes to the speed of generating plagiarism report, then Turnitin comes first. This makes it one of the most preferred software by academicians. Some plagiarism reports may take several minutes or hours to generate the plagiarism report.

  1. It checks grammatical errors (ETS Grammar checker)

Grammatical errors and plagiarism mistake always go hand in hand. They make the student lose marks. When the work is free from plagiarism but has grammatical errors, then the student will get low marks. For this reason, a good plagiarism should always have a grammar checker attached to it so that when the plagiarism report comes out, the grammar report also comes out. This makes it possible for the student to correct the plagiarism mistake and the grammar mistake at the same time.

Turnitin has integrated ETS grammar checker that highlights all the grammatical mistakes within your work. The implication is that you will have the chance to correct both the plagiarism and the grammar mistakes at the same time. By the time you are done with the corrections, your paper will be free from plagiarism and any form of grammatical mistakes.

When you have a personal Turnitin account, then there is no need of purchasing grammar checking software such as Grammarly. It is very expensive, and it will cost you another $144 or more on yearly purchases if you have to purchase an effective grammar checker like Grammarly. With Turnitin, you will be saving more than $144 on grammar software purchase because you already have an inbuilt software to check the same.

  1. It is freely available or cost effective to acquire.

You can get Turnitin for free or you can simply purchase a personal Turnitin account for as low as $19.99 for one year subscription. Most university that has purchased Turnitin avail it to their students through their university librarian for free. Since you have already paid fees, they can grant you access to university Turnitin for free. All you need is to contact your university librarian and ask him about that.

However, some university has the policy that the software is only for the lecturers or the professors. In that regard, you won’t get the free access even if your university has it. Others also have no university Turnitin.

If you cannot get the Turnitin logins freely through your university, then you can just contact us for the logins. We will give you access to one-year Turnitin account for as low as $19.99 for one year subscription. That price is way much cheaper than all other plagiarism checking software over the internet.

  1. It can check unlimited number of papers.

There are many plagiarism checkers out there that can only check a limited number of papers then tell you to upgrade. By upgrading, the simply mean that you pay more for the software. If you cannot upgrade, then its functionality automatically becomes limited. Such may be very frustrating especially when you have lots of work to do.

Turnitin of any kind, be it student or instructor account can check unlimited number of papers. You can create as many classes as possible and at the same time you can always delete and create new classes to open more opportunities for you to test more and more papers as long as the Turnitin subscription remains active.

  1. Receipt functionality to prove that the student turned in their work.

Sometimes evidence may be needed whether or not you used a plagiarism checker. Sometimes you are told to use a plagiarism checker and there is no evidence that you really used it.

Turnitin is the only plagiarism checker that shows the submission receipt with all the paper details such as size and the number of pages. In this regard, it is easy to show a tutor that you used it to check and if possible, eliminate the plagiarism from your work.

Turnitin receipt is also beneficial in instances where your paper is stuck in the Turnitin repository, and you really deed administrator help to delete it. The Turnitin receipt contains the submission ID which is the most important information needed during the plagiarism deletion process from the Turnitin repository.

  1. Built in grading system.

The built in grading system is only useful for the teachers. The student really does not need it. However, it is a feature that lacks in other plagiarism checking software.

The build in grading system allows most institutions to integrate it within their learning management system (LMS) or rather the website so that a plagiarism report is generated as soon as the student submits the assignment. There is not any other plagiarism checking software that is fully integrated within the learning management system of any college or university around the world except Turnitin.

  1. Can be customized with your details.

Right now, if you want an access to personal Turnitin account, then it will be created with your own unique email and a password that you can change at any time. The Turnitin account profile will also bear your official names.

When you purchase the personal Turnitin account that goes for $19.99 for one year subscription, you will be ask the email and your official names so that your account profile is fully yours. You can always change the password as many times as you wish to lock people out.

In other words, Turnitin is the true plagiarism checker that comes with full customer customization along with customer security. Nobody can get access to your paper submitted in Turnitin not unless you authorize them by giving them your password.

  1. It has the AI Detection capability (ChatGPT Detection)

Turnitin already launched its AI detection capability as soon as the chatGPT become popular tool used by students to write essays.

Turnitin was the first popular plagiarism checker to launch the AI detection code. The AI detection code of Turnitin is so accurate that it can detect 98% of all the AI generated content.

In case you subcontracted your work and you want to test whether your work is original or just done by AI such as chatGPT, then you should consider purchasing the Turnitin instructor account for AI detection.

The AI detection feature or icon appears in the lower right corner of the Turnitin plagiarism report as shown by the arrow below.

Turnitin AI score

Conclusions about Turnitin Plagiarism checker

In conclusion, Turnitin is the most superior plagiarism checker based on the several factors discussed above. There are more than 50 plagiarism checkers but their capability and their capacity is limited. If you really care about plagiarism, then we strongly recommend that you choose Turnitin account. If you cannot access it through your school, then we suggest you purchase the personal student account for as low as $19.99 for one year subscription.


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