If I copy and pasted from Course Hero or Chegg, will my teacher find out that I plagiarized?

Nowadays most of the answers can easily be found in course hero or Chegg website. Many students are tempted to use them for their assignments. Some are still afraid to use them because they do not understand the repercussions of using these online websites for their assignments. In this article, we will explain whether to use the solutions found on Chegg or course hero websites.


The act of copy pasting

Copy pasting is one of the greatest temptations in a student’s life. It is an easy way to finish an assignment without sweating. However, the greatest risk of copy pasting is plagiarism.

If you copy paste from any source, be rest assured that your work will be 100% plagiarized. As a student, you are not expected to copy paste, but rather write everything in your own words then cite accordingly.

A number of times you may find that the exact assignment or question you are attempting is on online platforms such as Chegg or course hero. You may be attempted to copy paste or copy directly word by word or concept by concept as they are answered.

My advice to you is that you should never ever think of copy pasting answers from those two platforms.

Many students have been expelled while some have got fails due to those two popular online platforms.

My advice is that you should just use them as reference sources. You should just borrow the ideas and concepts of answering the questions then answer the question in your own way.

Are the Chegg and course hero answers correct?

I have a first-hand experience in answering this question. Back then when I was a student, I wanted some answers from course hero platform. However, I could not access the answer in full. They wanted me to pay about $20 for the full answer or I upload about 5 papers so that they can give me an access for free.

So, what did I do?

I did not want to expose my past assignments to online platforms where everybody could check.

I got an idea. I took my rejected papers from the last course and decided to upload them in course hero.

Remember the papers I’m uploading were rejected because I did not do them properly. After uploading the 5 papers, I got an access (answer unlocked) to the content I was looking for.

After one month, I got an email notification that my course hero answer has been downloaded 1000 times. It implies that about 1,000 students have relied on my low-quality course hero answer for their assignments.

What I’m trying to say here is that course hero and Chegg answers are for those students who want access or payment from those platforms. There is nobody to verify whether those answers are correct or wrong.

In as much as some of their answers may be right, some are also wrong.

Do not entirely rely on course hero and Chegg answers thinking that they are right. Some of those answers are so wrong and if you rely on them, they will fail you.

Manual Plagiarism checking

I also had a bad experience with this type of plagiarism checking some time back. I did some assignment then submitted it. The teacher told me that work has been copied from some website and he gave me a fail.

He even provided me with the link to that website.

The truth is that I copied most of the answers from that website.

Apparently, when the teacher was posting the question, he knew that it has some answers online.

When marking, he could check if the pattern of answering that question was resembling the answer online. That is how we were caught.

Manual plagiarism checking is when the question or answer is searched online and see if there is any similarity in the nature, the flow, the pattern or the manner in which the questions are answered.

When you are doing a thesis or dissertation and goes to your supervision with your thesis topic, he will copy paste the topic in the web then examine if there is any other resembling topic.

If there is, then he will check if there is similarity in the flow, the pattern, the concept, the references, the data or any other thing. He will notice it without the use of any software.

When you use Chegg and course hero, you need to be very careful because you can be caught manually when the teacher compares your answers with the answers in those platforms.

What you should do

If you copy from Chegg or course hero, your teacher will find out. He will find out either through the use of plagiarism checking software or through manual plagiarism checking. 

We already realized that the use of Chegg and course hero websites results to plagiarism.

We have also noted that some of those answers are not correct.

As a student, you should just use those platforms as reference materials where you can try to see the nature in which a question should be answered. You should not just copy from those sources as that will amount to plagiarism.

Even if you use it as a reference material, you should never include them in the reference list (both in the in-text citation and bibliography). They are not academically accepted references. 

Finally, always remember to check your work with Turnitin plagiarism checker before making the final submission. This will enable you to know the level of plagiarism in your paper then make some adjustment if need be. You can get access to non-repository Turnitin one year subscription for only $29.99 USD. If you have problems managing plagiarism, you can contact us for professional plagiarism removal services.

Contact us if you have any further questions about Turnitin or Plagiarism removal services.

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