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Many people are selling Turnitin subscriptions out there at different prices. Actually, it is like everybody is setting their own price for Turnitin. It is a complicated marketplace because everyone wants a piece of the market.

Anyways, regardless of where you buy the Turnitin, the functionality of the software remains the same. Whether you buy it at $20, $30, $50, $100, $150, the quality of plagiarism report will remain the same because Turnitin is the same software worldwide.

In the view of the above, it is necessary to go with the cheapest Turnitin subscription rate because why waste money for the same thing you can get at a lower price?

Free Turnitin
Free Turnitin

What type of Turnitin to buy?

There are 2 main categories of Turnitin to buy

  • Repository Turnitin
  • Non repository Turnitin

You really need to understand the difference between these two types of Turnitin before making the decision to use it or not. Any slight mistake in the Turnitin usage can really cost you heavily as a student.

The repository Turnitin is that one stored its paper in the Turnitin database. When you use it to check your work, it will produce the plagiarism report, but it will ensure that your paper remains stored in the Turnitin repository.

Repository Turnitin should be avoided by the students at all costs. It is meant to be used by teachers’ who are helping those students.

Teachers always use the repository Turnitin to ensure that the work submitted by the student is not used again by another student. When another student submits a work that is always in the repository Turnitin, it will show 100% plagiarism that points to the university or college associated with the Turnitin in question.

The non-repository Turnitin is that one that does not store the submitted paper in the Turnitin repository. It does this so that it can allow resubmissions on several occasions without the risk of plagiarism.

The non-repository Turnitin is the one meant for students who just want to check their draft before making the final decision to submit the paper.

How will you test or prove if Turnitin is a repository Turnitin?

Just take some small paragraph from somewhere then run for the first time then resubmit the same paper again the second time.

The second plagiarism report will read 100% submitted to the university associated with the Turnitin you have.

What type of Turnitin not to buy?

When buying Turnitin from the vendor, ensure they clarify to you that they are only selling the non-repository Turnitin.

The type of Turnitin that you should not buy is the repository Turnitin that will save your work in the Turnitin database. You should not buy it because it will save your work and you will commit what we call repository plagiarism.

Only ask for the non-repository Turnitin then you are good to go with plagiarism check without the risk of your document being saved online

What is the cost of Turnitin?

The cost of Turnitin varies between many online vendors. Some even claim to sell Turnitin yet they only sell the Turnitin alternatives.

One of the known vendors of Turnitin is called MOON OFFICIAL

You will notice that they charge highly for the Turnitin subscription charges.

The cheapest Turnitin resellers are PLAGEXPERT

Our prices start at $29.99 for one year subscription

The following are some other reasons why you should use our Turnitin

  • Because our prices are cost effective
  • Because we offer 24/7 technical support, so when the classes expire, we just activate it
  • Because we only sell the non-repository Turnitin, so no risk of self-plagiarism
  • Because we will activate your account within few minutes after you are done with the payment
  • Because we have a reputation of offering the same service for more than 5 years

Another benefit is that by chance that you do not know how to use the Turnitin account, we will send you a short video on how to use it and generate your Turnitin report within 5 minutes.

We serve several students on daily basis with our perfect working Turnitin accounts. The students are able use our Turnitin accounts on daily basis to generate plagiarism report and use that plagiarism report to ensure their draft paper is free from plagiarism before making the final decision.

How to buy Turnitin and what you should receive

The first step in buying Turnitin is to show expression of interest by sending a formal email request to us.

We will review your request then send you the price and the product description.

We will then wait for you to respond to the email based on the terms and conditions.

If we receive a positive response from you, accepting the terms and conditions, then we will respond by sending you the invoice. The invoice is basically the payment link bearing the product description and your identity.

We will then wait for you to make the payment of the invoice we sent.

We usually get the payment notification in our email immediately within seconds after you are done with the payment. Popular payment method is the INTASEND link (VISA/Mastercard, Bitcoin, CashApp) and Transfer Wise

After the payment has been made, we will then use your unique email ID to set up your Turnitin profile. 

After the profile is set up, we will then send you the email and the password together with a short video description on how to use it.

Concluding remarks

From the above analysis, it is evident that the price of Turnitin vary depending on various venders. Every vender always set up their own unique prices that suits their business model. Despite the different pricing, the Turnitin report is often the same. As a student, you should ensure that you only purchase the non-repository Turnitin subscription because your work will not be saved in the Turnitin database. Currently, we are the most legitimate and the most cost effective Turnitin reseller. We sell the one year non repository Turnitin for only $29.99 for one year subscription.



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