How can I buy a Turnitin subscription / license?

To buy a Turnitin subscription or license, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Turnitin Website:
  2. Contact Sales:
    • Navigate to the “Contact Sales” or “Request a Quote” section, usually found under the “Products” or “Pricing” menu.
    • Fill out the inquiry form with your details and specific needs.
  3. Direct Contact:
    • Alternatively, you can email Turnitin at or call their sales department. Contact details are typically listed on the website. Sometimes your effort may not go through if you are an individual purchaser because Turnitin as an organization likes to sell directly to institutions (such as colleges and universities). In that case, you have the two options described in number 4 and number 5. 
  4. Institutional Purchase:
    • If you are representing an educational institution, it’s often best to coordinate through your institution’s procurement or IT department. They may have existing contracts or preferred vendor relationships with Turnitin. Turnitin likes to sell their package to the entire institution so that the educators and students can directly utilize their institutional Turnitin through the school website or learning platform. 
  5. Resellers and Partners:
    • In some regions, Turnitin works with authorized resellers and partners. One of such resellers is PlagExpert offers detailed plagiarism knowledge and plagiarism solution as well as plagiarism checking tools such as Turnitin and how to use Turnitin. In one of their articles, they explained the top 10 reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker. Why buy Turnitin from them? The following are their advantages.
    • Because their prices are cost effective
    • Because they offer 24/7 technical support, so when the classes expire, they just activate it
    • Because they only sell the non-repository Turnitin, so no risk of self-plagiarism
    • Because they will activate your account within few minutes after you are done with the payment
    • Because they have a reputation of offering the same service for more than 5 years
  6. Demo Request:
    • You can also request a demo to better understand the product before purchasing. This is usually done through the “Request a Demo” option on their site. The resellers also offer more information about the demo.

Turnitin AI score

Nowadays Turnitin detects both the plagiarism and the AI as illustrated in the image above.

Make sure to clearly specify your requirements, such as the number of users, type of institution, and specific features needed, to get an accurate quote and the best subscription plan for your needs. If the above information is not enough, then you can also check Cheapest Turnitin License cost in 2024


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  1. Your organization is a perfect example of an ethical and professional company. We paid on 19th February 2024 for Turnitin subscription. Since then, we have enjoyed our Turnitin subscription without any interruption. We thank you so much for this

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