What is the Cost of Turnitin Software?

What is the Cost of Turnitin Software? Many people ask this question but the cost of Turnitin software can be as low as $2.5 per monthly subscription (will explain below).


First, let’s point out that Turnitin is the most popular and the most effective plagiarism checking software used by universities across the globe.

It is estimated that more than 15,000,000 universities and learning institutions use this software to help curb cheating and plagiarism in student papers.

Turnitin has collected a very large database of student papers and partnered with many online libraries and archives with the aim of ensuring that student do not cheat from the papers they submit for making.

On the same note, more than 30,000,000 students across the world are actively using Turnitin plagiarism software to check their papers.

Cost of Turnitin

Turnitin works by comparing what is submitted to its system with other student papers within their database, library contents, and online archives.

Turnitin produces plagiarism report within few minutes. The report can easily be downloaded in the form of PDF or HTML file.

The Turnitin reports shows plagiarism in the form of percentages, with zero percent being no plagiarism while 100% illustrating that the paper is fully plagiarized. You can check this for more information: What is the acceptable percentage for Turnitin?

So, what is the cost of Turnitin software? 

The cost of Turnitin software depends on whether you are purchasing it as a student for personal use (Personal Account) or whether you are purchasing it for institutional use (for colleges and universities).

First, let’s accept the fact that Turnitin, just like any other educational software, is relatively expensive.

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Institutional Turnitin Package

Turnitin have no constant price for their institutional package, they tend to charge differently depending on the nature of the learning institution and the number of students.

However, on average, it is estimated that Turnitin charges about $3 per student per year (institutional Turnitin). This implies that an institution that has 10,000 students is likely to pay about $30,000 per year for the Turnitin license ($3×10,000 = $30,000).

You can purchase the institutional Turnitin package by contacting the turnitin sales department.

Personal Turnitin Account

This package is for those whose institutions have not purchased the institutional Turnitin or for those who whose institutions have purchased it, but they have limited access.


The personal institutional license comes in two forms:

  1. Instructor Account: For those tutors who would wish to check their student papers at personal level.
  2. Student Account: For the students who wish to check their papers before submitting to the university.

If you would wish to get a Personal Turnitin Account, then you will part with about $29.99 USD for one year license. You can watch this video about How to buy Turnitin Subscription License in 2024 – YouTube

Do you want a Personal Turnitin Account? Send an email to turnitinexperthelper@gmail.com


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