What is the acceptable percentage for Turnitin in 2024?

The Truth about Acceptable Plagiarism Levels 

What is the acceptable percentage for Turnitin? Anything which is 5% and below is SAFE. If possible, just make it 0% because nobody will ever penalize you for a non-plagiarized work.

Plagiarism above 20% is somehow high and may be considered unsafe. However, some universities accepted plagiarism as high as 15%

What we are trying to say here is that the acceptable plagiarism levels vary from one university to another. However, it is highly evident that no university has ever punished a student for a plagiarism of 10% and below.

Therefore, we can strongly recommend that the acceptable percentage for Turnitin is 10% and below.

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If your paper is having a plagiarism of 20% or higher in the Turnitin report, then we advise that you rewrite the plagiarized sentences and reduce it to the acceptable minimum.

If you are unsure of how to go about this, then you can contact us and our professionals will work on it.

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What does the colors in Turnitin stand for?

Turnitin plagiarism report is usually accompanied with several colors that portrays different meanings in relation to the severity of the plagiarism in your document.

Essentially, there are five colors in Turnitin reports: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, or Blue

Turnitin Colors
Turnitin Colors

Each color in the Turnitin report represents how much of your paper matches something already in the Turnitin database or online archives.

  • If the colored square for your Turnitin Originality Report is Red, this means that 75% – 100% of the text in your paper matches something already in the Turnitin database or the online archives. The red color stands for a warning that your paper is highly plagiarized and is not acceptable for submission. If you see the red color in your Turnitin report, you have no option other than to rewrite the paper using your own works and cite accordingly.
  • If the colored square for your Turnitin Originality Report is Orange, 50% – 74% of the text in your paper matches something already in the Turnitin database. The orange color stands for moderately high plagiarism and just like the red color, it means you have to do lots of rewriting to change the paper contents and cite accordingly.
  • If the colored square of your Turnitin Originality Report is Yellow, then it means that 25% – 49% of your paper or assignment matches something already in the Turnitin database or the online archives. The 25%+ plagiarism is still slightly high, and this means you need to do some work to reduce it to less than 5% to be on the safe side.
  • A Green colored square means that 0% – 24% of your paper or assignment matches something already in the Turnitin database. In most cases, the green color means that only a small percentage of your paper shows some plagiarism. Therefore, you only need to make some slight changes (or not) in your paper to make it clean from plagiarism.
  • And a Blue colored square means that less than 20 words in your paper or assignment matches something already in the Turnitin database. In most cases, blue color means that your paper is safe and that you can submit it without having to get worried of being penalized for plagiarism.

How does Turnitin Works?

The main work of Turnitin is to check for the plagiarism levels in your paper. Turnitin works by scanning and comparing the submitted paper against the contents on:

  1. The present and archived contents on the world wide web
  2. Previously submitted papers in Turnitin database
  3. Books, newspapers, journals (in partnerships with libraries and publishers)

What this means is that any information that is directly drawn from any of these three categories of contents is highly likely to be marked as plagiarism by this software.

Students are allowed to use any information available from the above three source, but they must write all those borrowed content in their own works and cite accordingly to avoid plagiarism.

Can I use Turnitin for free? 

Yes, you can use Turnitin for free.

However, using free Turnitin is only available under two scenarios.

The first scenario is whereby you use the Turnitin provided by your university through the university librarian or IT specialist. However, not all universities provide their students the opportunity to use their licensed Turnitin.

The second option is to contact the third-party services providers like us to allow you to use their licensed Turnitin to check your paper. Please watch the YouTube video 

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How to Remove Turnitin Plagiarism 

There are two main options of removing Turnitin plagiarism.

The first option is to do it yourself. Usually, if you were unable to writer a non-plagiarized paper, then it will even be more complicated to remove it yourself.

Removing Turnitin yourself simply entails rewriting all the plagiarized words as per the Turnitin report and then having proper citations for all the borrowed ideas.

The second option is to hire the services of experts like us. We can help you to professional remove all the plagiarism in your work without changing the original meaning of all your sentences.

Please contact us if you want professional plagiarism cleaning services. You can read the two blog below for more information.

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Final Thoughts on the acceptable plagiarism levels

Plagiarism is a serious concern for all the students. In this era of technology, you need not to risk getting low marks due to plagiarism.

No matter how smart you are, it is always very complicated to write a totally plagiarism free paper. In this regard, it is necessary to confirm your work by checking its plagiarism levels before making the final submission.

You can now easily check your paper for free with Turnitin and get the experts clean it for you within few hours. This will save you lots of valuable time and unnecessary hustle.

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