Can ChatGPT be used to write plagiarism free essays?

Can ChatGPT write essays?

ChatGPT is the new kid on the block. It is the talk of town. It is a topic that is being discussed every side of the technological world.


In simple and plain meaning, we can confidently say that ChatGPT can write essays. Whether the essay is plagiarism free or not, everyone agrees that ChatGPT can write wonderful essays.

Since ChatGPT can write essays, the next question is usually whether such essays are plagiarism free or not.

Despite that above question not being fully answered, many students are using ChatGPT to write essays on daily basis.


How does ChatGPT write essays?

Using ChatGPT to write essays is very simple. The first thing you need to do is to go to the ChatGPT website. The ChatGPT website is hosted under the OpenAI website. Use the steps below to write a ChatGPT essay.

  1. Got to the OpenAI website
  2. Click “Try ChatGPT”
  3. Enter the essay prompt in the messaging platform provided.

It is just that simple.

The most important thing is to get the messaging prompt and order it to write for you an essay on any topic of your choice. For example, you may order the ChatGPT to write for you a 500-word essay on the global warming topic.

It will just take a few minutes to write it for you.

Are ChatGPT essays acceptable?

The use of ChatGPT to write essays has sparked debated whether such essays are acceptable or not. However, we will tell you plainly that ChatGPT written essays are not academically acceptable because of the following reasons.

  1. ChatGPT essays are not original
  2. ChatGPT essays lack human tone
  3. ChatGPT essays are not written with human critical thinking
  4. ChatGPT essays sometimes may present non factual sentiments

Can you get caught cheating with ChatGPT?

It is very easy to get caught when you submit a ChatGPT essay. There are two main ways of getting caught.

The first method is the use of a tool called ChatGPT zero. This tool is so smart and would highlight all the sentences written by ChatGPT. In this way, you will be caught very easily.

The other effective way is to use Turnitin. Turnitin is the most effective plagiarism checker and we already explained this in the article top 10 reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker.

Turnitin will not only detect the sentences written by ChatGPT, but it will also detect the sentences that are plagiarized from other sources.

In the view of the above, we recommend that you use Turnitin plagiarism checker, it will help you identify all the plagiarism in your work including ChatGPT plagiarism. The good news is that you can now get access to personal Turnitin account for as low as $19.99 for one year subscription. Just contact us or email us then we will set it up for you. The use of Turnitin is the most effective way of detecting unwanted sentences and paragraphs within an essay topic.  If you want to safely submit an essay without any problems, then use no other tool other than Turnitin.

Are ChatGPT essays plagiarized?

At this point, you really need to know what the true meaning of plagiarism and we already explained it in our article introduction to plagiarism.

The plagiarism in ChatGPT essays comes from two sources.

First, the information related by ChatGPT essays comes from some sources, to mean that the ideas are not original. Secondly, ChatGPT essays does not come with references. Any information that is not referenced or cited is plagiarized.

In other words, ChatGPT essays are largely plagiarized. You should run all your ChatGPT essays in Turnitin to determine the level of plagiarism before making the final submission.

Is ChatGPT Plagiarism Free?

Can teachers see if you use ChatGPT?

Yes, teachers can detect if you are using ChatGPT to write your essays. A good number of teachers are using a plagiarism checking software called Turnitin. Turnitin has the advanced capability to detect information that is not original.

When you use ChatGPT to write your essay then pass it through Turnitin, it will flag the areas that are not original within your text. Remember, Turnitin will not flag the whole paper as plagiarized, but it will flag some portions of the paper.

There are some other technologies and software that you can use to detect the ChatGPT written essays such as GPTzero. However, we do not recommend the use of these tools because it is not what your teacher will use. Your teacher will eventually use Turnitin.

We strongly recommend that you use Turnitin, then rewrite or rephrase the highlighted sentences till you get a low plagiarism score that you can submit. The same score you get in the Turnitin results will be the same score that will appear when your teacher makes the final submission.

Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT Essays?

Turnitin Chief Product Office Madam Annie Chechitelli already confirmed that Turnitin can detect AI writing such as ChatGPT. In her article Sneak preview of Turnitin’s AI writing and ChatGPT detection capability, she explains their AI plagiarism detection tool is more advanced because it is designed with student and academic databases in mind. In other words, if you are really interested in submitting an essay without having problems with AI content, the best software to go for is Turnitin.

Remember the ChatGPT takes its content from certain databases and Turnitin has access to such databases. In this regard, it is very easy for Turnitin to detect and identify the plagiarized and non-original phrases or sentences within your work.

Benefits or advantages of ChatGPT essays

  • It is free from grammar errors
  • It is written very fast and quick
  • It captures the topic the way it has been prompted

What are the shortcomings or disadvantages of ChatGPT essays? 

  • There is likelihood of plagiarism
  • Some essay topics may not be within the ChatGPT database
  • It has no aspect of critical analysis or human tone
  • It cannot reference or cite the sources

How can you avoid plagiarism while using ChatGPT?  

It is possible to avoid plagiarism if you are using ChatGPT. However, this can only be achieved if you are having a Turnitin plagiarism checking software.

What you will do is that you will first start by writing your essay using ChatGPT, then check it with Turnitin.

The Turnitin software will give you the plagiarism report that highlights all the plagiarized areas.

You will then rewrite all the plagiarized areas as per the Turnitin report then put references to them accordingly. You will then run the paper for the second time to check and see if the plagiarism has been removed.

This is the only sure way of removing plagiarism on ChatGPT essays. You have no other option other than to have the Turnitin plagiarism software.

In summary, there are three main ways of beating plagiarism if you have to use ChatGPT to write your essay. You need to use all these three methods for you to be safe.

  1. Use Turnitin Plagiarism Checker. We already told you that only some percentage of ChatGPT essays is usually reported as plagiarism. You really need to identify that paragraph or those sentences that appear plagiarized so that you can rewrite them or paraphrase them manually. If you do not have access to Turnitin, then do not worry. We will give you access to personal Turnitin non repository account for only $29.99 for one year subscription. The Turnitin account will generate for you a proper plagiarism report for the ChatGPT essay so that you can identify the plagiarism and eliminate it within your draft paper. Please do not use any other plagiarism checker since they are not effective and will give you false results. Watch this video about how to generate Turnitin plagiarism report within 5 minutes.
  2. Critical Perspective. This is another good way to beat plagiarism in ChatGPT essay. After the bot is done writing your paper, you need to read each and every paragraph and add some two, three or even 5 few sentences of your own critical perspective of whatever the bot is discussing. Remember the ChatGPT bot is not a human being and may not provide that critical perspective. By adding a critical analysis to your sentences and paragraphs, it will enable you to add the originality to the work of the bot. If you have problems writing a critical essay, then consider contacting us.
  3. Add References. Proper citations in the proper format are a good way of portraying that all the borrowed ideas have been cited. In the rules of academic writing, students are allowed to use borrowed ideas and concepts, provided they cite them accordingly. Look for ideas within the ChatGPT essay that appear to illustrate some concepts then go to Google scholar and look for relevant articles and books that cover the same concepts and put them as citations to your work. Each and every paragraph of the ChatGPT essay should be properly cited.


We have identified that it is possible to write essays using ChatGPT. The major challenge of using the ChatGPT to write essays is plagiarism. However, you can always use Turnitin to detect the plagiarism in your essay then remove it before making the final submission. The most important thing is to have a Turnitin account if you have to write an essay using ChatGPT. We can give you an access to Turnitin account at a small fee of $29.99 for one year subscription. Without Turnitin, you may find it really hard to avoid plagiarism. If you have problems with plagiarism, then you can contact us for professional plagiarism removal services.



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