How to beat plagiarism in ChatGPT essays

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  • What is ChatGPT essay?
  • What type of plagiarism exists in ChatGPT Essays?
  • What is the best plagiarism checker for ChatGPT essays?
  • How to beat plagiarism in ChatGPT essays
  • Conclusion about the ChatGPT essays

What is ChatGPT essay?

The entrance of ChatGPT chatbot has brought a new era of essay writing. Within few days of its inception, ChatGPT already has more than 2 million users. Remember it took Google more than 2 years to get 2 million users, yet ChatGPT got that figure within less than 10 days.

A good number of ChatGPT users are students. These students are perplexed with the capability of the ChatGPT chatbot to generate essays of any topic of their own within less than 2 minutes.

Many students are now finding it easy to put in the essay commands and wait for the bot generated essay. We already discussed how to get ChatGPT access for free.

The goodness with this technology is that it can cover millions of essay topics with much easy.

A good number of students have found a shortcut in using ChatGPT for generate their essays. However, it comes with the risk of plagiarism.

Powerful plagiarism software like Turnitin can easily red flag your essay that is generated from the ChatGPT chatbot.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive analysis on the ways and means to avoid plagiarism while using ChatGPT bot.

What type of plagiarism exists in ChatGPT Essays?

There are several types of plagiarism or rather, source of plagiarism. In other words, plagiarism comes from different sources.


Some are intentional plagiarism while others are unintentional plagiarism.

For ChatGPT, the plagiarism mainly comes from two sources.

First, it is worth knowing that the contents generated by ChatGPT comes from the information it synthesizes from the public sources. Some of those information may be from the online archives that can as well be accessed by any other person.

Since the ChatGPT content are from public sources, there is somebody or some entity that already claims the ownership of that information. Since such information is not original, it is highly likely that a good percentage of it will be plagiarized.

The second source of plagiarism for ChatGPT essay comes from the fact that ChatGPT bot will likely generate the same content for the same essay topic.

For example, you may direct the ChatGPT bot to write for you an essay on the impact of global warming. Another student somewhere also requests the same bot to write the essay on the impact of global warming. These two contents will be the same. When you submit your essay, you will likely find out that another student or other students elsewhere already submitted the essay with the same contents.

In other words, ChatGPT essays are not entirely clean from plagiarism as may be expected. Remember you are only allowed to submit an essay that falls within the acceptable plagiarism percentage.

What is the best plagiarism checker for ChatGPT essays?

There are over 50 plagiarism checkers over the internet. However, the best plagiarism checker is Turnitin.

Why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker that can be used to check the level of plagiarism in ChatGPT essays.

Remember, not all components of ChatGPT essays are plagiarized. Only some portions of the ChatGPT texts get plagiarized and you really need a powerful plagiarism checker to identify and highlight those texts.

If you use other plagiarism checkers, then there is that risk that you may get wrong results. It may even report to you that all the contents of the essay are clean.

Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker for ChatGPT essays because of the following reasons

  1. It has the largest database and archives to compare the text from. This will ensure that nothing is left to chance during the plagiarism check. No level of plagiarism will be hidden for Turnitin.
  2. It is the only plagiarism checker recommended by the universities. The implication is that when you submit your paper, the plagiarism percentage will remain the same because your school will also be using the same software. This is quite in contract to somebody using Grammarly plagiarism checker or Copyscape then expecting to get the same results when their teacher uses Turnitin to check their work.
  3. Turnitin is the only plagiarism checker that has come out and confirmed through their CEO that they have upgraded their technology in line with the AI generated essays. It would be better if you use their software because it will give you a good picture of the real level of plagiarism in your work.

How to beat plagiarism in ChatGPT essays

There are three main ways of beating plagiarism if you have to use ChatGPT to write your essay. You need to use all these three methods for you to be safe.

  1. Use Turnitin Plagiarism Checker. We already told you that only some percentage of ChatGPT essays is usually reported as plagiarism. You really need to identify that paragraph or those sentences that appear plagiarized so that you can rewrite them or paraphrase them manually. If you do not have access to Turnitin, then do not worry. We will give you access to personal Turnitin non repository account for only $29.99 for one year subscription. The Turnitin account will generate for you a proper plagiarism report for the ChatGPT essay so that you can identify the plagiarism and eliminate it within your draft paper. Please do not use any other plagiarism checker since they are not effective and will give you false results.
  2. Critical Perspective. This is another good way to beat plagiarism in ChatGPT essay. After the bot is done writing your paper, you need to read each and every paragraph and add some two, three or even 5 few sentences of your own critical perspective of whatever the bot is discussing. Remember the ChatGPT bot is not a human being and may not provide that critical perspective. By adding a critical analysis to your sentences and paragraphs, it will enable you to add the originality to the work of the bot. If you have problems writing a critical essay, then consider contacting us.
  3. Add References. Proper citations in the proper format are a good way of portraying that all the borrowed ideas have been cited. In the rules of academic writing, students are allowed to use borrowed ideas and concepts, provided they cite them accordingly. Look for ideas within the ChatGPT essay that appear to illustrate some concepts then go to Google scholar and look for relevant articles and books that cover the same concepts and put them as citations to your work. Each and every paragraph of the ChatGPT essay should be properly cited.

Conclusion about the ChatGPT essays

We have noted that a number of students may be tempted to use ChatGPT to write their essays. Despite the benefits, it is also associated with a big risk which is plagiarism. A student should not just go ahead and submit the ChatGPT essay without checking the plagiarism level in that work. We have noted that not all, but some parts of the ChatGPT essay is always plagiarized. The only powerful plagiarism checker that can detect such hidden plagiarism is Turnitin. You can contact us if you want the logins for the personal Turnitin account. To beat the plagiarism in ChatGPT essay, you have just to use Turnitin, add critical perspective to your essay then cite all the concepts accordingly in the required format. I believe we have answered the question whether it is safe to use ChatGPT in essay writing



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