Does Canvas Detect Plagiarism?

Does Canvas Detect Plagiarism Table of Contents

  • Does Canvas detect plagiarism
  • Does Canvas detect Turnitin
  • Does Turnitin works with Canvas
  • How long does Turnitin takes in Canvas
  • How does Canvas detect plagiarism
  • How can you avoid plagiarism on Canvas
  • What is the acceptable Turnitin score on Canvas

Introduction to Canvas

Canvas is part of what is commonly known as the Learning Management System (LMS). It has grown in popularity due to the influx of online students. On the same note, many people are also interested in doing in studying while learning.

Since Canvas is an online learning platform, students tend to submit their assignments from home. In this regard, it means there is no supervision from the educators.

When there is no supervision, there is high likely for the student to plagiarize, mostly through copy pasting from other student works or from the online archives.

Sometimes it becomes a challenge to determine the level of plagiarism in documents submitted by students online especially when done through the canvas, which is an online learning platform.

Does Canvas detect plagiarism

Plagiarism checking itself is usually a different entity from the canvas. Canvas in its default form does not detect plagiarism.

Plagiarism checking capabilities is usually a third-party service. In this regard, plagiarism checking component is a third-party entity apart from canvas.

An institution that has acquired the Canvas can also purchase the services of third-party plagiarism checkers and integrate them with Turnitin.

In simple terms, canvas in its default form does not detect plagiarism. However, a third party service provider can be sought and integrated within the Canvas to aid in plagiarism checking.

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Does Canvas detect Turnitin

We already mentioned above that Canvas and Turnitin are two different entities. They can work together or fail to work together depending on the agreement between the two entities.

Back to the question: Canvas can only detect plagiarism when there is an agreement between Turnitin as an organization and the institution operating the Canvas.

When they agree, the Turnitin software is integrated within the Canvas LMS so that student papers can be checked against Turnitin.

In some instances, the institution does not need the services of Turnitin and in that case the Canvas will lack it. On other instances, the Turnitin software is just way too expensive for the institution.

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To Enable Canvas Plagiarism Framework (Turnitin)

  1. Create a new assignment or go to an existing assignment you wish to enable Turnitin for.
  2. In the assignment settings, select Online as the assignment Submission Type.
Free Turnitin in Canvas
Free Turnitin in Canvas
How to use Free Turnitin in Canvas
How to use Free Turnitin in Canvas

Does Turnitin works with Canvas

Yes, Turnitin can work with Canvas if it is integrated within it. It other works, it is very possible for turnitin to work with Canvas. Many students are finding it very easy to know the plagiarism levels of their work immediately they submit their work for marking.

At the same time, students are also reported to find a challenge because most of their works are plagiarized. The fact that the work is submitted online makes it easy for the students to be tempted to plagiarize their work.

Canvas works so well with Turnitin as a plagiarism checker, as well as any other plagiarism checker that the institution may deem necessary to integrate within their portal.

How long does Turnitin takes in Canvas

Checking Turnitin plagiarism report in Canvas should not time much time. In most cases, Turnitin usually generates the plagiarism report within 5-10 minutes.

Likewise, Turnitin report within the Canvas should be generated within 5-10 minutes.

You must always know that Turnitin works as a separate entity from the Canvas. In other words, if the Turnitin software is being upgraded and is down, there is possibility that the plagiarism report in Canvas will be delayed.

Therefore, the time Turnitin takes to generate the plagiarism report in Canvas is only as quick as the functionality of Turnitin software as a different entity.

How does Canvas detect plagiarism

We already mentioned above that Canvas is different entity that works separately from the plagiarism checking. However, the Canvas platform has an integration platform whether they allow the third-party service provider to be integrated within their system for plagiarism checking purposes.

For you to check the plagiarism in Canvas, you first need to check if three is a plagiarism software integrated in it or not. You can ask your librarian about this.

If it’s there, then it will automatically check the plagiarism for all your uploaded papers.

How can you avoid plagiarism on Canvas

Avoiding plagiarism in Canvas is very simple, just ensure you submit an original work in Canvas.

To submit an original work, ensure that you do thorough research about your assignments and submit and reference all sources accordingly. Ensure that your writing has nothing to do with copy pasting.

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Copy pasting is the biggest source of plagiarism among the students. In this regard, any student should avoid copy pasting as much as possible.

To avoid the temptation of copy pasting, it is advisable for the students to start working on their assignments as early as possible.

Lateness in doing the assignments is the biggest cause of copy pasting.

To avoid plagiarism in Canvas, ensure you start working on your assignments as early as possible so that you have enough time to do research and write your paper well while doing proper citations.

What is the acceptable Turnitin score on Canvas

The acceptable Turnitin score in Canvas should be 10% or below. Any high plagiarism percentage like 50% or 80% will automatically result in deduction of marks or even possible zero marks.

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