Can I use Turnitin for free? [YES, SEE HOW]

Can you use Turnitin for free?

I have seen many people ask this question so much that we have no option other than to lay the facts here as they are.

Yes, it is possible to use Turnitin for free! Absolutely, FREE!

Free Turnitin
Free Turnitin

Actually, students are not supposed to buy Turnitin software.

In fact, even if you had enough money, you would still not be able to purchase the software since it is not sold to students.

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Basically, there are two options available here. The students can only use Turnitin for free to check their work is they employ the use of either one of these two options.

#1. Option number one;

The first option is to use the university Turnitin. About 90% of universities have purchased this software for use to check plagiarism.

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In most instances, this software is freely available within the university student portal.

There is a way by which the universities integrate the software within the university portal such that students can easily submit their work with much ease.

In some few instances where the software is not integrated within the university portal, then it is often availed through the university librarian.

The university librarian is then in charge of the logins and passwords, and they assist the students who wants to check their work with such services.

If Turnitin if not integrated within the university portal, you need to ask your librarian if they have any version of Turnitin for use by the students.

You see, you need not to pay any money to use this first option since you will just be using the university facility to enhance your academic studies.

#2. Option number two (RECOMMENDED)

The second option is mostly for those who cannot access the Turnitin software through their university portal or librarian.

We as an academic organization have invested heavily in acquiring Turnitin software as a third-party organization and we can set up individual profiles for you.


As a student, you can never be 100% sure that your work is free from any form of plagiarism.

Therefore, it is necessary for the student to confirm their work before submission for marking.

In such a scenario, the student will have another chance to make the necessary changes before it is too late.

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You are free to send us an email with your work and we will check it and send to you the PDF report directly to your email instantly.

You can also contact us if you want PROFESSIONAL PLAGIARISM REMOVAL SERVICES


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