Hidden types of plagiarism in your paper (How to detect and remove)

Introduction to hidden plagiarism

Do you know that you can do everything right but still be caught with plagiarism? The answer is a yes.


Why? Because some types of plagiarism are so hidden that they may not easily be noticed.

There are many instances where you can be surprised that you are penalized for plagiarism that you believe you did not commit. It is what we call hidden plagiarism. Hidden plagiarism is closely linked to unintentional plagiarism because you are not aware that it exists. As a student, you should always ensure that your work is within the acceptable plagiarism percentage.

In this article, we will explain the many types of hidden plagiarism that may exist in your paper.

Hidden Plagiarism

Types of hidden plagiarism

  1. No reference is paragraphs: If you write a whole paragraph with researched ideas but fails to put a citation in it, then consider that plagiarism. We already said in the introduction to plagiarism that plagiarism is the act of using borrowed ideas without acknowledgement. In such a case, you will be using the ideas you borrowed from sources such as the internet and books then failing to cite them. You can write a well research paper and paraphrase the concepts properly, but your only undoing is to put in the citation. You are always advised to have proper citations for each and every paragraph. In doing so, you will be illustrating that you respect the work of other persons and thus cited them accordingly.
  2. Paraphrasing from one source: Paraphrasing from one source is a temptation that students face other day. You go to the internet, then finds an article or a website with the exact answers that you are looking for. Due to the fear of losing marks, you end up paraphrasing everything from that single source. When you do that, you are telling the world that your work was not researched but the ideas were just patched from one source. A good number of plagiarism checkers are not powerful enough to detect this type of plagiarism because you are paraphrasing. However, this is a serious type of plagiarism and should be avoided at all costs. You are expected to borrow, compare, synchronize and analyze ideas from as many sources as possible.
  3. Submitting a previously submitted document: When a document is submitted for marking, there are high chances that it is original. However, the moment it is submitted for marking, it is not original. A document submitted for marking is like a published document. It now belongs to the school who act as the publisher while the student is the author. Turnitin has a smart way of detecting a document that had already been submitted for marking, even if it was submitted 10 years ago. To be safe, never take a document that had already been submitted for marking then submit it as your own document. You will be caught on the spot, and you will face the consequences of plagiarism.
  4. ChatGPT or AI writing tools: As we are speaking, there are several AI writing tools out there for students to use. We already explained why you should not use ChatGPT for essay writing. If you have to use it, then we also explained how you can use ChatGPT safely for essay writing. The most important thing to note is that those writing tools amount to plagiarism.

How to detect the hidden plagiarism

There is only one plagiarism software powerful enough to detect the hidden plagiarism and it is known as Turnitin. In our other article, we already mentioned the top 10 reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker.

Turnitin plagiarism checker is so powerful to the extent it will detect the essays written by ChatGPT or another other AI writing tools.

For you to be safe with your essay or research writing, you really need to have a personal Turnitin account. You can get access to personal Turnitin account for as low as $19.99 for one year subscription. Just contact or email us then we will set it up for you.

When you have the Turnitin account, you will be able to detect the hidden plagiarism within the plagiarism report, then do away with them before making the final submission. The Turnitin account will enable you to submit a non-plagiarized work in good time.

How to remove the hidden plagiarism

  • Purchase a Turnitin account for plagiarism check (only cost $19.99/year)
  • Add references to all paragraphs, images, illustrations and diagrams
  • Incorporate ideas from as many articles or sources as possible
  • If you have a paper generated by ChatGPT or AI tools, rewrite it afresh or use it as a reference material

Please note that you can always contact us if you need professional plagiarism removal services. You also need to familiarize yourself with the strategies of avoiding plagiarism in academia.

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