AI Plagiarism: Hot to detect, avoid, and remove AI plagiarism

Is AI considered plagiarism?

AI generated content is considered plagiarism simply because it is non original content. If you go online and search for the meaning of plagiarism, then you will be shocked to find out that plagiarism is the act of using non original content then passing it as your own. The moment you generate content using AI then passing it as your own is an act of committing plagiarism.

AI is a new technology that never used to exist before. The invention of AI has made most universities and academicians to rethink the meaning and definition of plagiarism.

Initially, plagiarism was mostly limited to copying of another person’s work. Currently, it extends to the use of AI generated content.

Many AI tools such as chatGPT are extensively used by students to pass the work that does not belong to them for marking.

In other words, AI content is a new form of plagiarism brought about by the advancement of technology. AI plagiarism never used to exist before the AI revolution. Apart from the AI plagiarism, we already discussed several other types of plagiarism.

If you are using any form of AI to generate content, then you need to know that you are committing plagiarism. It is for this reason why Turnitin has come up with AI detector to help the educators to track down those assignments and essays that are written with AI.

Is AI plagiarism free?

AI content is not plagiarism free. AI content is not plagiarism free because it is not an original work. AI content is plagiarized by the fact that the work is not an original work.

When you take AI content and pass it through an effective plagiarism checker like Turnitin, it will show 100% non-original content.

In simple terms, AI is not plagiarism free. The only plagiarism free content is that content that you create yourself without the use of AI tools such as chatGPT.

Can teachers check for AI plagiarism?

Teachers can easily check if your work has AI plagiarism. Teachers mostly use the software called Turnitin to check if your work has AI plagiarism.

The current version of Instructor Turnitin account is configured to detect AI plagiarism with 98% accuracy. The implication is that when you use AI tools such as chatGPT to write your content, the Turnitin will easily flag it.

The following is the process by which teachers check the AI plagiarism

  1. The log in to
  2. They enter the username and password
  3. The click on the available class
  4. They upload the files
  5. They wait for the Turnitin report
  6. The check the AI icon to determine the AI percentage

Which AI detection tool is used for plagiarism?

Over the years, Turnitin has stood out as the most powerful plagiarism checker. We already explained in details the top 10 reasons why Turnitin is the most effective plagiarism checker. Currently, there are several AI detection tools that have come out.

You should take care while using these many AI detection tools because some may give you false results. The only AI detection tool that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt it Turnitin. It has an accuracy level of 98% plus. Furthermore, Turnitin is the only plagiarism checker recommended by leading universities across the world.

Can universities detect AI?

Yes, universities can now detect AI with much ease. It is even easier for the universities that already have Turnitin subscription. They just run your paper through the Turnitin software and get the Turnitin results.

Can AI be detected by Turnitin?

From 4th April 2023, the Turnitin software was upgraded to include the AI detection capability. Right now, all the AI content can be detected or flagged by Turnitin with much ease. In fact, most teachers use Turnitin to assess whether their student has used Turnitin or not. In other words, it is very easy for AI content to be detected by Turnitin.

How to use AI without plagiarizing?

There are lots of videos on YouTube explaining how to use AI without plagiarizing. However, I would advise you not to be misled by those videos.

Some people are advising that you can take the AI content then rephrase with another tool such as Quillbot. There are tons of advises that are out there.

However, regardless of the method you use, we strongly advise that you need to use them alongside Turnitin software.

Why? Because you will need to run your work against the Turnitin software to see if there is any portion or content of your work that is still flagged as AI content. Please contact us if you need the Instructor Turnitin account with AI detection. It is the only sure way to ensure that your work does not have any more AI detectable content.

Without Turnitin, you are not completely safe from the AI contents. Please ensure you have a Turnitin account and if you don’t, then contact us on the same.

How can you remove AI plagiarism?

Yes, it is possible to remove or reduce the AI contents in your paper. The following are the steps to remove the AI contents on your work.

  1. Got to
  2. Enter the logins (contact us if you don’t have the logins)
  3. Click on any available class
  4. Click view
  5. Click submit file
  6. Enter your names and personal details
  7. Upload file
  8. Confirm firm upload
  9. Go to assignment inbox
  10. Wait for one to two minutes then refresh
  11. Click the AI icon on the Turnitin report (it will load in a new window)
  12. Mark all the highlighted areas within your paper
  13. Rewrite in your own words all the highlighted areas and add citations accordingly
  14. Repeat the above process till all the plagiarism is removed

What is the best AI plagiarism checking tool?

The best AI checking tool is measured based on its accuracy when it comes to plagiarism checking. Most AI checking tools have an accuracy of 50-80%. On the other hand, Turnitin can detect AI content with accuracy of 98%.

It shows that Turnitin is the most accurate and the best AI plagiarism checking tool.

The good side of Turnitin is that it is the same software that is used by institutions of learning. The implication is that the same AI percentage on your report will be the same AI that will be reported on your paper.

Where to get the Turnitin Instructor Account?

We recommend that students should at least have personal Turnitin accounts that can help them check their works against any form of AI content. Please contact us if you need a personal Turnitin Instructor Account for plagiarism and AI check

Why AI is not plagiarism?

AI is a form of plagiarism. It is a new type of plagiarism that is generated by the artificial intelligence. Remember the definition of plagiarism stems back to the use of any content that is no original. Since the AI content is not original from the user, we consider it a type of plagiarism. Therefore, AI is a form of plagiarism.

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