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What it Quetext Plagiarism Checker?

Quetext is a popular online plagiarism checker used by hundreds if not thousands of students. It uses a complicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to analyze the text posted in its platform against several online archives and databases.

Apart from just checking the plagiarism, Quetext resolves the writing issues then build the citations with much ease. Before we go far, you need to know the types of unintentional plagiarism and how to avoid them

What are the features of Quetext plagiarism checker

The key features of Quetext are easily visible from their website. One of the key features of Quetext is the deep plagiarism search components that allows it to do a thorough scanning of web and map out similarity. The deep plagiarism feature is available in all the versions of Quetext.

Quetext is also equipped with citation assistant that will provide guidance on the proper suggestions to be put in non-referenced sentences. Close with the citation assistant is the citation generator. The citation generator has the capability to assign citations in sentences where there are no citations or proper citations are not put.

Quetext has also added another feature of additional users. Traditionally, only one user could take advantage of the software while locking out other users. Currently, you can log up to 5 users at the same time using the software without experiencing any difficulties.

The other feature of Quetext plagiarism checker is the spell check. This feature enables it to identify and provide possible suggestions for the grammatical errors within the paper.

The other key feature of the Quetext plagiarism checker is the bulk file upload. Other plagiarism checkers operate such that you can only upload one file at a time. However, the Quetext plagiarism checker offers the opportunity for as many files as possible plagiarism check.

Currently the Quetext is equipped with chrome browser extension. The chrome browser extension enables the chrome users to easily use this software during the browsing process.

Quetext also have an interactive snippet format making it easier to use. You also need to know the many types of plagiarism before we go far with this discussion. 

Pros and Cons of Quetext plagiarism checker

Advantages of Quetext

  • It is easier to use
  • It can be used by multiple users at the same time
  • Part from plagiarism, it provides grammar and citation generator
  • It can upload multiple files per users at the same time

Disadvantages of Quetext

  • Quetext is a very expensive plagiarism checking software (cost about $143 per year)
  • It cannot load large files unless you pay the enterprise package that cost about $350 per year
  • It cannot check the repository plagiarism
  • It is not recommended by leading universities

How much does Quetext plagiarism checker cost?

When it comes to pricing, then this is where Quetext tops the charts. Quetext plagiarism checker is one of the most expensive plagiarism checkers in the world.

For you to check the plagiarism effectively, you need the advanced plan of Quetext. However, this package is very expensive, and it cost about $350 U.S dollars for one year subscription. Possibly the highest in relation to other plagiarism checking software.

YouTube: See the low cost of Turnitin that will shock you

They also have a free plan but that can only check one page. This is very unfortunate because most students have multiple page assignments.

How effective is the Quetext plagiarism checker

Quetext plagiarism checker is effective, but it has some limited capabilities in checking advanced types of plagiarism such as repository plagiarism. As a student, you really need to know the limitation before deciding to part with your $350 to purchase it.

The main limitation of Quetext plagiarism checker is that it cannot check repository plagiarism.

You can test this by taking on of your university papers that you uploaded to the university system last semester or even last year. Try to run it through Quetext plagiarism checker and surprisingly it will read no plagiarism despite the paper being submitted for marking last year.

Remember, plagiarism is not just about copying from a particular source. There are more than 15 types of plagiarism and Quetext plagiarism checker can only check a limited number of plagiarisms.

What should you look for in a plagiarism checker?
An effective plagiarism checker should have the following features

  • It should be able to detect about 90% of the many types of plagiarism
  • It should be able to submit and check unlimited number of documents on daily basis
  • It should be able to have an additional feature like grammar and formatting check
  • It should be able to upload large file sizes
  • It should be able to generate the plagiarism report fast
  • It should have a detailed plagiarism report
  • You should be able to download the plagiarism report for offline analysis
  • It should not store or remain with your paper in its database
  • It should not be very expensive for the students

Quetext Plagiarism checker Vs Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

Quetext and Turnitin are among the popular plagiarism checkers in the world. Let’s draw a table so that the comparison comes out clearly

Quetext Turnitin
Cost about $350 for one year subscription Cost only $19.99 for one year subscription 
Limited plagiarism checks Unlimited plagiarism check
Cannot check repository plagiarism Can check repository plagiarism
Not recommended by any know university Recommended by leading universities
Is fast Is the fastest
Produces a good report Produces a good report
Is rarely updated Continuously updated

What is the best plagiarism checker?

From the above analysis, we can deduce that the best plagiarism checker is Turnitin based on the fact that

  1. Turnitin is way much cheaper than Quetext. A student will save more than $300 annually when using Turnitin as compared to Quetext
  2. Turnitin is more advanced as compared to Quetext. In this regard, Turnitin produced more quality plagiarism report that Quetext.
  3. Turnitin is recommended by most universities. This implies that your plagiarism percentage will be the same as the plagiarism percentage recorded in the university portal. If you use Quetext, you may get a 10% plagiarism only to be shocked later when your paper reads 80% plagiarism.
  4. Turnitin can check large files without the need to spend an extra coin. On the other hand, the only free version of Quetext can only check 1 page.

Why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker

  • Because Turnitin is relatively cheap, you can get it for only $29.99 for one year subscription (contact us if you need Turnitin access). In comparison, Quetext plagiarism checker is very expensive because it cost about $350 for one year subscription.
  • Turnitin can check many types of plagiarism, including the repository plagiarism. On the other hand, Quetext plagiarism checker mostly detects the direct plagiarism or the plagiarism that comes from copying from a source. In this regard, the effectiveness of Turnitin plagiarism checker is by far much superior as compared to Turnitin plagiarism checker.
  • Turnitin can load large file sizes to mean that the length of your document is not a barrier to its capability. In contrast, the Quetext plagiarism checker can only be used for small or medium file sizes.
  • Turnitin is recommended by most universities across the world, and this is in public domain. I have never heard of any university advising students to use Quetext plagiarism checker. The implication is that the same plagiarism percentage you get when checking your draft work will be the same plagiarism percentage your teacher will get when you submit your documents.
  • The non-repository Turnitin does not store documents in the Turnitin database. This implies that your work will be deleted from their system the moment you are done. In contrast, Quetext will store your documents in their database and whatever they will do with it later is none of your business. They already give you a notice (see image above) that they store your documents online.

Which plagiarism checker to choose?

Choose Turnitin plagiarism checker, any day anytime, anywhere. It will save you lots of trouble and it will save you lost of money.


We can never emphasize enough that Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker. Please contact us if you want access to non-repository Turnitin account for only $29.99 for one year subscription.

If you have problems with plagiarism, you can get in touch with us for professional plagiarism removal services


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