Where to get the Turnitin plagiarism checker for students

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is the leading plagiarism checker in the whole world. You walk to any university and ask them the type of plagiarism checker they are using and there is a 95% chance that they are using Turnitin.

Can all the universities be wrong? Probably not.

The decision to use Turnitin as the primary plagiarism checker is based on a thorough research and comparison with other plagiarism checkers. In our previous article, we already analyzed and discussed the top 10 plagiarism checkers.

Ask any student who is serious about plagiarism checking and they will tell you that they use nothing other than Turnitin plagiarism checker.

Turnitin AI score

Why Turnitin?

Turnitin is being preferred over other plagiarism checkers due to one main reason: its effectiveness.

It has been established by researchers that Turnitin can detect almost all types of plagiarism within a paper.

Turnitin can even detect chatGPT and other AI written essays.

Turnitin is the only plagiarism checker that can detect repository plagiarism. Repository plagiarism is that type of plagiarism that takes place when a student submits a paper that had already been submitted for marking.

By this time, you really need to go through our article titled top 10 reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker.  

Turnitin can also detect plagiarism from papers that are copied or paraphrased from the internet archives.

When compared with other plagiarism checkers, Turnitin stands out as one of the most effective plagiarism checkers. It is for this reason why most universities and colleges prefer to use Turnitin as opposed to other plagiarism checkers.

Other plagiarism checkers are likely to give you false results.

For example, a paper that is 80% plagiarized according to Turnitin report will only read about 20% plagiarism on other plagiarism checkers.

When you use other plagiarism checkers, you are likely to get the false impression that your paper has no plagiarism while in real sense your paper is highly plagiarized.

We strongly urge all students not to use any other plagiarism checker except Turnitin plagiarism checker.

Turnitin for students Vs. Turnitin for Teachers

There are two main types of Turnitin

  1. Turnitin student account
  2. Turnitin instructor account (teachers account)

You may be asking yourself what the difference between these two accounts is and which one should you use and why.

The most important thing is that both the student account and the instructor account produce the same plagiarism percentage.

In other words, if a paper is reading 70% plagiarism in the student Turnitin account, the same paper will ready 70% when checked with the instructor account.

In terms of effectiveness, both the student account and the instructor account yield the same results.

What the difference then?

The main difference between the student account and the instructor account is about the number of classes that you can add or have at a time.

A student account typically has one class or two classes that can be used to check many papers at the same time.

You can check as many as 70 papers in a day with the student account.

On the other hand, the instructor account can have as many as 100 classes or even more at the same time. Each and every class can be used to check unlimited number of papers on daily basis.

It is for the above reason that the Turnitin instructor account is used by teachers/instructors. It enables them to create many classes for their different students to check their work.

It is worth noting that a student can use either student account or instructor account depending on the intensity of your work.

Even an instructor who does not have many papers to check can opt for a student account because the plagiarism report is still the same.

In most cases, the instructor account is used by teachers because it can have multiple classes for many students at the same time.

However, if you are a student who is just interested in checking his work, we recommend you go with the student account because it is cheaper.

The price of Turnitin for students  

The price of Turnitin student account goes for only $29.99 for one year subscription.

On the other hand, the price of Turnitin instructor account goes for $49.99 for one year subscription.

If you are a student who is just interested in checking his work, we recommend you go with the student account because it is cheaper that the instructor account.

Despite the difference in price, the quality of their plagiarism report is the same.

Just contact or email us then we will set it up for you.

It is worth noting that other resellers are selling it expensively due to their greed to make more profits from students.

We are the most pocket friendly sellers of Turnitin student and instructor account.

The following are the benefits of our Turnitin package

  • It is a non-repository (does not store your work in Turnitin database)
  • You can check as many papers as you wish
  • We offer 24/7 technical support (to mean we add classes if they expire before time)
  • You get a personal account with your own email and password that you can change any time (privacy guaranteed)

How to check plagiarism with Turnitin account

In order to check plagiarism with Turnitin, you first need to have the Turnitin login information (email and password).

We have already discussed how to buy Turnitin Subscription/License or simply just contact us for logins.

The next thing is to go to Turnitin website then enter your email and password.

Once you are logged in, you will see an active class. All active Turnitin accounts have at least one active class.

Click on the active class and you will see the “submit” button.

Select your paper then submit it then wait for 5 minutes for your plagiarism report.

You can opt to download your plagiarism report or just check it online then leave it there.

If you find out that the plagiarism percentage in your work is beyond the acceptable plagiarism levels, then you have to rewrite the plagiarized parts.

You can contact our plagiarism removal services if your paper records high levels of plagiarism. We already have an explainer video on how to generate Turnitin plagiarism report within 5 minutes.


Getting a personal Turnitin account is now easier than before. You can get either the student account or the instructor account. Both the student account and the instructor account produce the same results in terms of plagiarism percentage. You can contact us if you need a personal Turnitin account or instructor account. We are legitimate resellers of any of them. If your Turnitin report also have high levels of plagiarism, then you can contact us for professional plagiarism removal services at a small fee.

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