Turnitin Plagiarism Software Review & Access Details 

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an online plagiarism checker that checks and generates a similarity report from the submitted documents.


Students use Turnitin to submit their assignments, receive grades for the submitted assignments, get instructor feedback, and check the level of similarity in their essays, assignments, research papers, thesis, dissertations, and all their academic work.

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After the students have submitted their work through Turnitin, it allows the instructors to assign, grade, and give marks for the submitted paper.

Turn-It-In simplifies the process of assigning, collecting, and grading written assignments. By distributing assignments digitally, it ensures that students have the ability to access essay information at any time, including in school, at home, on the bus, or wherever.

Above all else, the ability to create preset feedback responses makes a perfect grading system. The teaching assistant functionality is also beneficial, allowing users to assign a secondary instructor to add assignments, edit assignments, grade, and provide feedback to students.

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History of Turnitin

Turnitin software has been there for some time. The company was founded in the year 1998 to enable the students check plagiarism in their papers. During this time, the rate of internet penetration was very low, even among the schools, and thus only few schools bought the license.

However, there has been a steady growth of Turnitin usages over the years.

Currently, Turnitin is being used by close to 20,000 institutions and more than 30 million students across the world.

Effectiveness of Turnitin

The effectiveness of Turnitin is a question of whether it can accurately detect plagiarism in the submitted paper.

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To determine the effectiveness of Turnitin, take a paper that you once submitted and run it through Turnitin. You will be surprised that the paper will read 100% plagiarism and even show you the university where the paper was submitted.

On the same note, copy paste any content from the internet into a word document then upload it to Turnitin. You will be surprised that the paper will show you a 100% plagiarism and even provide you with the website name and link where the content is copied from.

From the above illustrations, it is evident that anything which is not original will be red flagged by Turnitin software. Therefore, we can conclude that Turnitin is the most effective plagiarism checker.

Turnitin Colors
Turnitin Colors

Are you wondering how to get Turnitin Free Access? Read the article below or contact us for quick access.

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Weaknesses of Turnitin

There are three notable weaknesses of Turnitin. First, does not exclude common quotes during plagiarism check (unless you reset some special settings). Even when you put the quotation marks, it will still be red flagged as plagiarism in the Turnitin report. In this regard, the Turnitin software may end up giving high plagiarism for a paper that has many quotes and this should not be the case.

The other weakness of Turnitin is that it is not readily available, making it very complicated for most students to gain access. However, we will give you access no non repository turnitin account, just email us.

Finally, Turnitin plagiarism is constantly being upgraded from time to time. During such upgrades, the systems become nonfunctional making the users to wait for long hours before checking their papers. These constant upgrades mean constant disruptions to the normal working of Turnitin, leading to user frustrations during the long delays.

Turnitin Compared to other Plagiarism Checking Software

There are more than 50 other plagiarism checking software online. All these software use different mechanisms to detect plagiarism in student papers. Most of the online plagiarism checkers have limited capacity in that they only compare the uploaded information with the information on the internet. Therefore, they cannot easily detect a plagiarized document from a library or previously submitted file.

Turnitin is superior in that it compares the uploaded text with not only the information on the internet, but also with the information on libraries and Turnitin database. Therefore, Turnitin provides a more accurate information than any other plagiarism checking software.


Customer Reviews of Turnitin

Many customers have put forward a positive review of Turnitin. On average, Turnitin has received a 5-star rating than any other plagiarism software as can be seen from the illustration below.

Turnitin Review
Turnitin Review

The implication of the above illustration is that many people have had a very positive user experience of Turnitin.

Turnitin Prices

The prices of Turnitin are not expressly stated in their website. Turnitin usually calculates the prices based on the number of students in an institution. This implies that the higher the number of students, the higher the pay and vice versa. If you want to make an inquiry about the Turnitin prices for your institution, please contact turnitin sales team.

Turnitin Controversy

Since its inception, the usage of Turnitin has been marred by some controversies.

First, Turnitin has been accused of Privacy issues. Turnitin has been accused to be flaunting the USA PATRIOT Act because the American government may be able to access the submitted papers and personal information in the database. However, Turnitin has always maintained that they do not reveal personal information to third parties.

Secondly, Turnitin has also been faced with copyright violations concerns. This let to the lawsuit Vanderhye et al. v. iParadigms LLC where Turnitin was accused of infringing the copyright laws in terms of storing the student papers in their database. However, Turnitin maintained that they only use the papers and the Fair Use Policy and thus does not infringe the copyright of the students and universities owning those papers submitted on their database.

Finally, Turnitin has been accused of being ineffective in detecting plagiarism. However, it is common knowledge that is never easy to detect plagiarism with the use of a software, especially if the student has done smart paraphrasing of another source. However, when compared with all other plagiarism checkers online, it is evident that Turnitin is the most effective plagiarism checker.

Final Thoughts of Turnitin

Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker ever developed. I recommend that all the students should use this software to check plagiarism in their papers before submission. This will give them the opportunity to rectify and make the necessary changes before making the final submission. 


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