Turnitin Instructor Account with AI Detector

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is the most advanced plagiarism detection software used by most universities around the world. Actually, it is the plagiarism software that is being used by most instructors and professors to detect the level of plagiarism or originality in student papers.

Currently, there are close to 50 online plagiarism checkers, but Turnitin is the most accurate and effective of all of them. We already wrote about the top 10 most effective plagiarism checkers, and you will see where Turnitin lies on that list.

If you try to use other plagiarism checkers other than Turnitin, then be ready to get fake results. You should only rely on Turnitin if you wish to get genuine plagiarism results.

What is AI or ChatGPT Writing?

Currently a good number of students are using AI or chatGPT to write their essays and research papers. The AI or chatGPT essays are not acceptable since they are considered cheating. A student is expected to write his work on his/her own without the help of any tool or software or bot.

ChatGPT is one of the most prominent of widely used AI tool by students. However, the students are not encouraged to use this tool no matter how lucrative it looks. It amounts to cheating and plagiarism.

As a student, do not rely on AI or ChatGPT to write your essays. You will be caught, and we will explain how in the next headlines.

Can Turnitin Detect AI Writing?

We already explained the top 10 reasons why Turnitin is the most effective plagiarism checker and one of those reasons is because it can detect AI writing.

Turnitin has been working tirelessly to have an AI plagiarism checker for close to two years. Eventually, the launched their AI detection feature after a series of testing on 4th April 2023.

Currently, Turnitin has the most powerful AI detection feature that can detect up to 98% of all the AI content in your paper. It simply implies that the Turnitin AI feature is 98% effective. In other words, if you use AI to write your paper then your teacher runs your document in Turnitin, then be rest assured that there is 98% chance that you will be caught.

Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the most popular form of AI writing. Previously, it was not possible for Turnitin to detect chatGPT writing. It was not possible for the software to detect chatGPT because it had not yet fully integrated their AI feature to their usage.

Starting from 4th April 2023, Turnitin announced that they have fully integrated their AI detection tool to Turnitin.

Right now, it is very possible to for the Turnitin software to detect chatGPT writing with 98% accuracy. In other words, if you use chatGPT to write your essay, Turnitin will flag 98% of those contents generated by chatGPT.

Is the Turnitin AI Accurate?

It is reported that the Turnitin AI feature is 98% accurate. With such high accuracy rates, it may not be possible to evade being caught.

Actually, the Turnitin AI feature is the most accurate AI tool that will detect all the AI generated content including the content generated by chatGPT.

Turnitin only flags something as AI-written when it is 98% sure it is written by AI. This is because Turnitin want to make sure they don’t falsely flag something as AI-generated that isn’t. This means, however, that it will likely miss up to 15% of text written by AI, with a less than 1% false positive rate (incorrectly identifying fully human-written text as AI-generated).

For example, if Turnitin identify that 50% of a document is written by AI, Turnitin is 98% sure that at least 50% is written by AI with a less than 1% false positive rate, but it could contain as much as 65% AI writing.

Do not use any other tool for AI detection expect the one generated by Turnitin. Turnitin is a big reputable organization that invested millions of dollars to come up with this powerful AI detection tool.

Why use Turnitin AI Detector?

The following are the reasons or benefits of using Turnitin AI detector.

  • It enables you to detect the content that you generated by AI or the content that may be confused to be generated by AI
  • In case you subcontracted your work to another writer, it enables you to know if your writer really worked on your paper or just used the AI to generate content
  • It enables you to identify and eliminate or rewrite those contents that results to AI plagiarism
  • It gives you peace because the same results you get is the same results that your teacher will get when you submit your work

How can student bypass or evade the Turnitin AI detection

It may not be practical for students to evade or bypass the Turnitin AI detection. However, the student can use the Turnitin AI detection feature to map or highlight all the AI detected content then rewrite those contents effectively.

What we mean here is that if you have the Instructor Turnitin with the AI detection feature, then it can help you to perfectly rewrite your paper such that the final paper will not have any more contented flagged as AI generated content.

What is the price of Turnitin Instructor with AI Detector?

Currently, we sell the Turnitin Instructor Account with AI detection tool for $49.99 for one year subscription.

We are the most cost-effective organization offering this student friendly prices. Other resellers sell it as exorbitant prices and their services are not reliable. Just contact or email us then we will give you access

You can also watch our video (1) Step by Step Guide on how to detect AI/ChatGPT using Turnitin – YouTube

Why purchase Turnitin Instructor with AI Detection from us

  1. Cost effective ($49.99 for one year subscription)
  2. Non repository (your work will not be saved to the Turnitin database so no risk of self-plagiarism)
  3. We provide 24/7 technical support (to mean we will always be standby to help you with queries or to activate the classes that may expire)
  4. We offer one year purchase guarantee (to mean that our technical team will always ensure that your account works till your subscription expires)
  5. You can always delete your work after you’ve generated your plagiarism report

How to use Turnitin AI Detector

  • Go to Turnitin website
  • Click “Login”
  • Enter your email and password (Contact us if you don’t have the password)
  • Click on any available active class
  • Click “View”
  • Click “submit file”
  • Confirm your file upload
  • Wait for 2-5 minutes for your plagiarism report
  • Click on the plagiarism report to download it
  • Go to the lower right corner and click the button written “AI” (see image below)

Turnitin AI

Turnitin AI score

How to Interpret the Turnitin AI detector

Interpreting the Turnitin AI report is just as simple as interpreting the overall plagiarism report.

The Turnitin AI detector uses percentages to estimate the overall amount of content that appears plagiarized.

Turnitin AI score

From the content above, it is evident that 22% of the work is generated by the AI.

From the above Turnitin report, it is evident that 22% of the work is content generated by AI (such as chatGPT). You can clearly see that the whole of the first paragraph of this work is content generated by AI. However, the second paragraph is content written from scratch by the writer.

You can see from the above report how smart this software works.

Please contact is if you want access to Turnitin Instructor account with AI detection capability. Just send a formal email request to turnitinexperthelper@gmail.com

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