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Table of Contents

  • What is Turnitin?
  • How Does Turnitin Works?
  • What Levels of Plagiarism is Acceptable for Turnitin?
  • Can Turnitin be available for Free?
  • How do you use the Turnitin Free Download?

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a plagiarism checking software that is used to measure the similarity between the submitted document with other document online and those documents within other databases.

In short, it is a Text Matching Software.

Turnitin is the most trusted and recommended plagiarism checking software relied on by millions of institutions and students.


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You can access the turnitin through the email and password option or through the class enrollment and class ID options as illustrated below!

Free turnitin class enrollment Turnitin login and password

How Does Turnitin Works?

The process by which Turnitin works can be summarized by the three steps shown below

  1. Create an Account
  2. Submit the Paper
  3. Review the Originality Report

Creating Account: This is only possible if you have the company license (contact us if you want access to Turnitin). It will enable you to create a personalized Turnitin Account where you can easily upload your paper and wait for the software to check plagiarism.

Submit Paper: This is the next step after creating the account what simply means you need to upload it into the system for checking purposes

Review the Originality Report: Reviewing the originality report


What Levels of Plagiarism is Acceptable for Turnitin?

This is the same question that we get every day from students. In most cases, the students who ask this question seldom get the answers straight forward.

Turnitin Colors
Turnitin Colors

The universally acceptable plagiarism level of Turnitin is 0%

This does not mean that is you have 5% plagiarism or even 10% plagiarism you will fail.

What we mean is that nobody will penalize you for a 0% plagiarism, but you may somehow be penalized for 15% or even 20% plagiarism, depending on your level of education and your university.

A good number of universities will not penalize you for a plagiarism of 10% or lower.

However, it is advisable to keep your plagiarism levels at below 10% or something near it to be completely safe from being marked down.

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Can Turnitin be available for Free?

Turnitin is never free, but you can use the free version already purchased by your university or a third-party organization.

Free Turnitin
Free Turnitin

Turnitin also prohibits giving their license to individuals, but instead, they sell their license to learning institutions.

If you are interested in the free Turnitin, then this YouTube Video 

How do you use the Turnitin Free Download?

Turnitin free download is only available for the license organizations and institutions

Luckily, we have a license software where we can help individual students (not schools) to check their papers and have a PDF of the Turnitin Plagiarism Report. 

If you have a paper that you would wish to check with Turnitin, then just send it to turnitinexperthelper@gmail.com or contact us using the contact form provided in our website.



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