The 5 Turnitin Colors and What Each Represent | Interpreting Turnitin Colors


Have you ever noticed that whenever you check your work through Turnitin the report shows varying colors?

In fact, those colors are five colors that have some meaning in response to the acceptable plagiarism percentage.

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The colors are as shown below.

Turnitin Colors
Turnitin Colors

In this article, we will analyze, those five Turnitin colors and elaborate on what they represent.

The 5 Turnitin Colors

There are five Turnitin colors namely orange, red, yellow, green, and blue. All the colors represent some particular plagiarism percentages.

Turnitin Color Percentage Range
Blue 0%
Green 1-24%
Yellow 25-49%
Orange 50-74%
Red 75-100%

When you check your Turnitin report, the plagiarism percentage will come with the color that corresponds to the plagiarism parentage.

Meaning of the Turnitin colors

The Turnitin colors works just the same principle as the traffic lights. For example, when you are a driver and you see the red traffic light, what do you do? You simply stop because red stands for danger.

When you are the driver and see the green traffic light, what do you do? The green traffic lights just tell you that you have the go ahead and proceed with your journey.

What happens when you are driving and see the yellow light? You cannot proceed with the journey simply by seeing the yellow light. It simply means something has to be done before you proceed.

The same principle also works with the Turnitin colors. The Turnitin colors are a true representation on whether you should submit your paper, whether you should stop, or whether you should make some small amendments before you proceed.

Red Turnitin Color and what it represents

The red Turnitin colors starts at 75-100. Just like the traffic lights, the red Turnitin color represents the danger zone. It means your paper is dangerous in terms of plagiarism. Your paper cannot be accepted anywhere with that high plagiarism levels.

The red in the Turnitin plagiarism report illustrates that your plagiarism is so high that you should not submit it for marking. 

The red plagiarism report simply means that your work was majorly a copy-paste of other persons work word by word.

As a student, you should never copy paste or copy another person’s entity word by word.

Orange Turnitin color and what it represents

The orange Turnitin color shows that your plagiarism is between 50-74%. It is the second highest plagiarism level and it also not acceptable.

The orange color means that your paper is still very high on plagiarism, and it needs serious reworking before it is submitted.

The orange colors shows that your work also contains high levels of copy paste from other people’s work.

Any plagiarism check showing orange color in the Turnitin report should not be submitted because it also falls within the unacceptable plagiarism parentage. It needs a lot of reworking to remove the plagiarism.

Yellow Turnitin Color and what it represents

The yellow Turnitin color lies between 25-49% and it shows moderate plagiarism levels. It is a moderate plagiarism report in that it is not high at the same it is now low; it falls within the medium levels.

The yellow plagiarism levels are still not acceptable in academic writing. However, it shows that at least you tried to avoid the plagiarism, but you need to do more with your paper to reduce the plagiarism to lower levels.

If your work falls within the yellow plagiarism levels, the best you can do it to rework on it a little but to reduce it further to green or blue plagiarism colors.

Green Turnitin Color and what it represents

The green Turnitin color ranges between 1-24% plagiarisms. Just like the green lights within the traffic, it shows that you can proceed with the next course of action (submitting your paper).

All the color areas within the green report shows the acceptable plagiarism percentage. However, there is what we call the safe plagiarism percentage.

The safe plagiarism percentage is low levels of plagiarism that you cannot be penalized for. In some universities, they only allow up to 15% plagiarism. In such a case, a student with 23% plagiarism may slightly be penalized due to high plagiarism.

The safe plagiarism level is below 0-15%. Nobody will penalize you for plagiarism low that 15%

Remember, there are different penalties for plagiarism depending on the plagiarism percentage on your work. What this means is that your plagiarism should be as low as possible to avoid any of these forms of penalties.

Blue Turnitin color and what it represents

The blue Turnitin color simply represent a 0% plagiarism. It shows that your work had nothing related to plagiarism and your work is 100% original.

It is the lowest and the hardest plagiarism level to attain. Sometimes your work may be original, but you may not get the blue color because of these other kinds of plagiarism.

With the blue Turnitin color in your plagiarism report, it falls within the acceptable and the safe plagiarism levels.

No further action is required from your side. 

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How to remove plagiarism from your work

You may be wondering how what to do if your work falls between the red, orange or even yellow areas in your Turnitin report. That simply means that your plagiarism report has high plagiarism levels, and it should be reduced to either blue or green plagiarism levels.

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