Online Plagiarism Removal: Tools, Software, Costs, Risks, Effectiveness

What is Online Plagiarism Removal?

This is the act of removing plagiarism from a paper that is plagiarized. Plagiarism is one of the serious concerns for the students that often results into low marks and loss of academic integrity.

Online plagiarism removal entails identifying the overall plagiarism levels in a paper and professionally removing them without changing the intended and the original meaning of the sentence.

Online Plagiarism Removal

Online plagiarism removal mostly entails removing plagiarism from academic work such as essays, course works, assignments, lab reports, research papers, thesis, dissertations among other academic work.

While you may be aware of a few plagiarism mistakes, some others may have happened accidentally and unknowingly. Based on our plagiarism report, we are able to professionally get rid of all kinds of plagiarism in your content. You may also be interested in Repository Plagiarism 

Plagiarism Removal Tools (NEVER USE THESE)

There are several plagiarism removal tools out there. The most common ones are Spinbot and Duplichecker. These tools work by simply replacing each and every word used with its synonym. Almost all the English words have synonyms and thus these tools are very useful when it comes to looking for synonyms of words within a sentence.

DISCLAIMER!! The use of these tools is highly prohibited in academic circles and should thus be avoided at all costs. It is very easy for your teacher to know that you just used some paraphrasing tools to try to trick plagiarism results.

We do not recommend the use of these tools for removing plagiarism, not unless in such conditions where the students want to change just a very small portion of a paragraph (not the whole work).

Plagiarism Removal Software

Plagiarism removal service can only be done by a particular software. Why? Because there is need to check and recheck after rewriting the paper if the plagiarism has reduced accordingly. In other words, the plagiarism removal software helps to determine to what extent the plagiarism has been reduce.

Please ignore the noise about the best plagiarism removal software because it has always been and will always remain to be Turnitin.

There are several online plagiarism checking software. However, the recommended software that should be used by universities is Turnitin.

Why Turnitin? Because Turnitin is the only plagiarism removal software that compares documents with online archives and with a database.

The rest of other plagiarism removal software only compares the documents with the online archives because they lack databases for student papers. This makes them ineffective when it comes to plagiarism removal.

In other words, any online plagiarism removal service that does not use Turnitin is not effective service. Watch this video if you want a Personal Turnitin Account.

Plagiarism Removal Costs

The costs for plagiarism removal varies depending on two things

  1. The Length of the document
  2. The overall plagiarism percentage

Long documents such as thesis and dissertations are likely to be charged higher than short documents such as application essay. The reason for this is because the expert needs to take much time perusing and changing sentences than if it were a short work.

All documents submitted through Turnitin show varying levels of plagiarism between 0% to 100%.

A document that is 90% plagiarized is likely to be charged more than a document that is 30% plagiarized.

REASON: A highly plagiarized work will entail more work since more sentences needs to be rewritten in the attempt to make them free from plagiarism. On the other hand, a less plagiarized work will entail less work, and this will be finished faster.

To simplify, the cost of professional online plagiarism removal is as low as $3 per page, depending on the overall plagiarism percentage on your work.

How long does the Online Plagiarism Removal Service Takes?

Many students are left wondering how much time it would take to completely clean a plagiarized work and make it plagiarism free.

Just as mentioned above, the duration taken to clean a plagiarized work depends on the length of the work and the overall plagiarism levels.

This implies that long documents such as thesis and dissertations which are 50-100 pages may take about 2-3 days in the hands of experts who will be cleaning the plagiarism in it.

On the same note, highly plagiarized work may take more time because many sentences need to be rewritten

Generally, a simple essay of about 10 pages or below will only take about 12 hours to completely remove the plagiarism in it.

Once you make a formal request for online plagiarism removal and your work is checked by the Turnitin plagiarism checker and the overall plagiarism percentage know, the expert involved will let you know of how much time they need to completely clean the plagiarism in the paper.

Risks of Online Plagiarism Removal

Just like any other service, online plagiarism removal is subjected to some risks.

The obvious risk is associated with the type of software used. If the expert does not have access to Turnitin software, then there is no need to pay for such services.

Why? Because your paper will eventually be subjected to Turnitin check and it will show a different result. Therefore, it is necessary to hire the services of experts that only use Turnitin to remove plagiarism.

If you want professional plagiarism removal services with Turnitin, then look no further than Turnitin Experts

Effectiveness of Online Plagiarism Removal 

The effectiveness of Online Plagiarism Removal depends on the type of software used. For the same reason, we only use Turnitin software because it provides accurate plagiarism results.

Any other plagiarism removal service that does not use Turnitin is not effective.

To support our effectiveness, we provide the users with the final Turnitin Plagiarism Report of the edited work to confirm that indeed plagiarism has been removed from the paper you’ve provided.

How Online Plagiarism Removal Works 

Our online plagiarism removal services work in three steps as described below:

#1. Scanning the document through Turnitin: This is the initial step of plagiarism removal that entails the student providing his work for plagiarism scanning. We only use Turnitin to scan the documents provided by the students because Turnitin is the most effective plagiarism checker recommended by universities.

#2. Generation and Analysis of Turnitin Report: The next step entails generation of the Turnitin Report. Turnitin reports shows the overall plagiarism percentage and highlights all the plagiarized sentences and the sources where they are derived from. The Turnitin reports provides the basis and the framework for plagiarism removal.

#3. Rewriting of the plagiarized sentences: We manually remove all the plagiarism from your paper by carefully reading the sentences and professionally removing the content so that the intended meaning remains the same. We don’t use plagiarism removal tools because they simply change words with synonyms, and this makes your content appear very fake and unoriginal.

#4. Rechecking of the Rewritten Work through Turnitin: We can only be sure that plagiarism has been removed from your paper after we do another check to confirm the new plagiarism percentage. If the new plagiarism percentage still shows some levels of plagiarism, we still go ahead and rewrite the few remaining plagiarized sentences in a professional manner without changing the original intended meaning of any sentence used in the paper.

#5. Generation of Final Turnitin Report: After we are done with the manual plagiarism removal, we generate the final Turnitin Report that shows the new plagiarism percentage. In most cases, our final work shows 0% plagiarism. We then send the edited work accompanied with its plagiarism report directly to your email address.




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