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Introduction to Online Plagiarism Removal Service

Plagiarism is a serious academic issue among the students. Writing a plagiarized paper is not always a choice, sometimes it becomes even more difficult to write original work due to the massive information available online.


No matter how good your work may appear, it will be marked down, or even sometimes not marked, if the tutor realizes that it was plagiarized from some other sources.

In some instance, the students may choose to plagiarize because they dint have enough time to do some good research.

Unlike the students, professional PlagExperts will devote their time to clean your paper from any form of plagiarism.

For students, writing assignments is always a burdensome task. Many students are always burdened with the task of writing many assignments in different topics. In most cases, the students lack the experience to handle such massive assignments without plagiarizing.

In most cases, students consider working on their assignments as some form of nightmare. In this regard, they may choose to avoid stress by looking for answers online then struggle to paraphrase such answers.

In most cases, such paraphrased answers always show some levels of similarity that can easily be detected by the tutors.

Some students also may decide to outsource their assignments to other entities, who may in turn provide them with highly plagiarized work.

Even those students who work on such assignments themselves are also highly likely to plagiarize their work. 

Why Students Plagiarize their work

There are many reasons why students plagiarize their work. Despite the reason, the consequences of plagiarism are the same. Therefore, you should never plagiarize your work no matter the reason.

One of the reasons why students plagiarize their work is poor time management. Most students start working on their assignments when it is very late, and this makes them to look for shortcuts and quick answers to their work online. When they find the related answers, they simply borrow it in whole or in parts and this leads them to plagiarism.

The other reasons why students plagiarize their work is because they lack the skills on how to rewrite and cite all the borrowed sources accordingly. Rewriting any materials is a skill that is not available for anyone.

Consequences of Plagiarism

  1. Low Marks: Depending on the levels of plagiarism, you are likely to be awarded low marks if your paper is plagiarized. But why low marks? Because the content you have provided for marking is not yours. It is borrowed from other sources without citing them accordingly. Is borrowing content wrong? No, it is not wrong, but you need to rewrite them in your own works and cite accordingly.
  2. Integrity: Plagiarism is a form of cheating. If you present a plagiarized paper to your school, your tutors/teachers will know that you have a bad character associated with cheating. Therefore, you are likely to lose respect within your department.
  3. Expulsion: This also depends on your level of study and university policy. Students undertaking masters and PhD are more likely at risk of expulsion from the university when they present a plagiarized research work for the award of marks.

Consequence of Plagiarism

Why Turnitin?

Our plagiarism removal is only based on Turnitin Plagiarism Report. Why?

Because Turnitin is the most effective plagiarism detection software recommended by universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia among many other places in the world.

Any other plagiarism checking services or software that is not based on Turnitin is likely to provide a falsified plagiarism report that may risk your degree.


Types of Plagiarism Detected by Turnitin?

#1. Clone Plagiarism: This is a situation whereby a student has taken the work of another student word-by-word.

#2. CTRL+C Plagiarism: This is a type of plagiarism that contains large portions of texts heavily borrowed from one source document.

#3. Find-Replace Plagiarism: This is another common type of plagiarism that entails altering the keywords and phrases while essentially retaining the content source.

#4. Remix Plagiarism: This is another common type of plagiarism that entails paraphrasing from multiple source documents then combining them into one to make a solid research paper.

#5. Recyclable Plagiarism: This is a rare scenario of plagiarism whereby the students take a previous submitted work and use it as the current work.

#6. Hybrid Plagiarism: This is the act of combining perfectly the cited sources with copied passages without proper citation.

#7. Mashap Plagiarism: This is the common act of students mixing copied content from multiple sources to form one research document.

#8. 404 Error Plagiarism: This is the dishonest act of citing non-existent sources within your research document. It entails lying about the sources used in the research paper submitted.

#9. Re-Tweet Plagiarism: This is a form of plagiarism that entails the student making proper citations but relies closely on the texts original wording and structure.

#10: Aggregator Plagiarism: This is where the students cite proper sources in a text that does not have original work.

Why Choose Professional Plagiarism Removal Service

  1. Top Notch Professionals: Your work will be handled by professionals who have more than 10 years in handling student research papers by cleaning plagiarism. We have a dedicated team of master’s and PhD students who will provide nothing but the best. Any work that has been handled by our professional team of plagiarism experts will never be detected by any other plagiarism software.
  2. Timely Delivery: All our projects are time bound. If we tell you that we will deliver within 12 hours or 24 hours (the time we both agree), then it will be within the stipulate deadline.
  3. 100% Original Content: Our team of professional plagiarism experts knows how plagiarism detection software works. Therefore, we ensure that we professionally remove all the plagiarism from your paper without changing the content.
  4. Free Revision Policy: In the rare scenario where there may be some misunderstanding or some part of your work is erroneously misplaced, then we will revise it for FREE. We do not charge anything for revising the same paper. In most cases, our work always meets our client satisfactions and there are very rare cases of revisions. We offer unlimited revisions, so you can request your paper to revise as many times as possible till your demands are fully met.
  5. Quality Assurance: Before the final paper is sent to you, it is again rechecked by our experts and the final plagiarism report of the revised paper is sent along with the cleaned work. Therefore, our quality assurance ensures that you get the original paper within the stipulated deadline.
  6. Affordable: We are the most cost-effective plagiarism removal services online. We understand the financial pressure most students are accustomed to and thus we are not in the business to exploit the students. We have no fixed charge, but we charge based on the levels of plagiarism on your paper and the length of your paper. Therefore, we can charge you as less than $10 for plagiarism removal service.
  7. All subjects: You never need to worry that your subject is too complicated for us to handle. The concept of plagiarism is often the same across all the subjects. Therefore, we have the potential to handle all types of subjects from chemistry to engineering, to statistics, to mathematics, to computer programming, among others.

Outstanding Plagiarism Removal Service

Out top plagiarism removal service is aimed at removing plagiarism at all levels.

Whether you are an undergraduate, a master’s student or PhD student, we can help you remove the plagiarism in that your work and make it 100% original work.

What Type of Work can we remove plagiarism from?

  • Dissertations – We run your dissertation through Turnitin then generate the Turnitin report then use the report to rewrite all the plagiarized areas in a professional way that does not interfere with the content.
  • Thesis: We helps the students to have a clear thesis that is free from any form of plagiarism right from chapter one to the last chapter.
  • Argumentative essays – We take the argumentative essay, check the levels of plagiarism in it, then rewrite it in a manner that does not interfere with the argumentative flow on the essay.
  • Reports – Whether it is a lab report, a book review, a movie review or any other kind of report, we can professionally remove the plagiarism in such type of work without interfering with the flow, the topics, the structure or the content of the work.
  • Admissions essays – We know the role and the structure of admission essays and will surely remove plagiarism from such work without letting you down. We will ensure that you get that admission.
  • Literary critiques – We can provide a full, in-depth critique on any book, play or poem by simply removing plagiarism that would otherwise interfere with the high-quality marks you deserve.
  • Research essays and papers – We can research any topic and provide a full analysis of the research and incorporate new content by removing the plagiarized content in it.
  • Statistical analysis – Done a case study? We can scan your statistical work and then ensure that we remove all the plagiarism in it, including those plagiarism that appear on tables and figures.
  • Programming: We know how hectic is becomes when you realize that you’re programming, or computer related assignment is plagiarized. We will carefully and professionally remove plagiarism in your computer related task without interfering with the original intended meaning.

How Online Plagiarism Removal Service Works

Place a Formal Request: First, you need to make a formal request by contacting us or sending a direct email address as provided in this website. You can provide your paper while making the formal request or we will request you to provide your paper for checking and analysis.

Paper Checked with Turnitin: We have a licensed Turnitin software that we use to check all the papers provided by our client. Once the paper is checked, we then send to the client the PDF of the Turnitin plagiarism report showing the overall plagiarism percentage and all the sentences plagiarized. You can also contact us if you want a non-repository one-year Turnitin subscription for $29.99 per annum.

We agree on Terms and Conditions: If the plagiarism in your paper is more than 10%, we can make an agreement to professionally eliminate the paper from your work and also agree on the cost and the time of delivery.

Prices of Online Plagiarism Removal Service

As mentioned above, we appreciate the fact that students operate on a tight budget and thus should not be exploited. We charge a fair price starting from $10 USD. However, the prices of our services depend on the overall plagiarism percentage as displayed in the Turnitin Report and the length of your paper.

Final Thoughts on Online Plagiarism Removal Service

Let’s just be honest here, writing an original work is never easy. It is a big challenge for students. There is no shame in asking for plagiarism experts to help you to clean your paper from plagiarism. In fact, it is completely LEGAL and ETHICAL. It does not amount to cheating.

You need to take care of your grades. The cost of plagiarism is so much. Just hire the services of Turnitin Experts and you never need to worry about plagiarism anymore.

We know it may be quite disturbing whether to settle for this service or not. We can assure you that we care about your PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY.

We guarantee that any information, files, and data shared between is can NEVER be shared with any other entity or third parties at all costs.







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