Online Plagiarism Checkers to Avoid and Why (USE THIS INSTEAD)


There are several online plagiarisms checking software out there. A good number of them are Artificial Intelligence (AI) based.

Many students rely on these tools to detect the plagiarism from their work. 

As you will notice from the analysis below, some plagiarism checkers are useful for bloggers and website content creators, but they are not useful for students. This is because the plagiarism in the academic field is deeper than the plagiarism for the bloggers and website content creators.

In this article, we will describe the online plagiarism checks and provide the reasons why you should avoid them.

We will also provide the best alternative to these tools so that as a student, you know what plagiarism checker to go to when you need one. 


Grmmarly is one of the most commonly used plagiarism checkers out there. When you go to YouTube, you are also likely to advance bump to several YouTube ads about grammarly.

Grammarly has two main functions, the grammar checking functionality and the plagiarism checker functionality.

The primary functionality is the grammar checking component. Actually, it is the most popular and the most trusted grammar checking and correcting software due to its advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm.

As a student, I can only advise that you use Grammarly for grammar checking and not plagiarism checking.

Why? Because its plagiarism checking component is not as advanced as its grammar checking.

They have invested heavily in improving its grammar checking component at the expense of plagiarism checking.

The name Grammarly is derived from the word “grammar” to mean that their main concern is grammar checking.

If you happen to have Grammarly, just limit its usage to grammar checking and for plagiarism checking, we will let you know the best software to use at the end of this article.


Copyspace is one of the most popular plagiarisms checking software used by the students out there.

It is one of the oldest online companies since it was formed in the year 2004 by Indigo Companies. Initially, it was called “Google Alert” because it was intended to inform users when someone has copied some content the search.

It was later expanded to what is known as copyscape due to its ability to detect similarity.

From the history, you will notice that copyscape has more to do with Google and search engine related similarity.

That is where its limitation comes about.

You see, similarity is not just about copy pasting things from the internet, especially if you are a student. Similarity can go further than even that information that has no trace on the internet.

In other words, copyscape cannot detect other types of plagiarism like repository plagiarism.

To test this, just take a paper that was submitted for marking last semester then run it through copyscape. It will show no plagiarism if that paper that was submitted last time had no plagiarism.

This means that the functionality of copyspace as a plagiarism checker is limited to the content in the search engines.

Copysapce is mostly useful for bloggers and website content creators. However, its functionality is limited in relation to the student plagiarism.  Therefore, student should not rely on it for plagiarism checking purposes. 


Plagscan is another popular plagiarism checking software that is used by several student on daily basis. From its name, it was meant to scan the plagiarism in documents and articles that are uploaded in it.

It works with all document formats from word file to PDF.

The benefit of plagscan is that it is very fast and can check multiple files at once. You can also download your plagiarism report in PDF format for easy analysis.

However, it is limited in the sense that it can only provide one functionality which is plagiarism check. It does not offer additional functionality such as grammar check.

The other key limitation of plagscan is that it does not have a paper repository, so it will not be able to detect repository plagiarism. In this regard, its effectiveness is mostly limited to copy paste plagiarism.

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

Copyleaks plagiarism checker is another common plagiarism checker used by thousands of students.

Copyleaks is one of the few cloud-based plagiarism checking software that has stood the test of time.

Its cloud-based system is able to detect, monitor, and track the online content used in the uploaded paper.

It has a PDF integrated tool that can detect plagiarism from another PDF article.

Copyleaks integrates with Google Docs, MS Word, and many other online platforms that are useful to students.

Copyleaks is one of the few plagiarism checkers that can easily work over the phone.

The benefit of copyleaks is that it is very fast and secure.

The limitation of copyleaks as a plagiarism checking software is that it has no paper repository thus cannot check repository plagiarism.

Dupli Checker

Another commonly used plagiarism checker is known as dupli-checker. The software has an AI tool that enables it to identify and flag duplicate content from the online sources. It is mainly a subscription software with several options for the subscribers.

The strength of the dupli checker is that it has a reverse image search in that it can resize any image and convert them to other file formats.

Another strength of the dupli checker is that it can help the researcher or the user to identify the source of the duplicated content and this helps in referencing purposes.

The weakness of this software is that it does not have a paper repository and does not have any additional feature such as grammar check.


PaperRater is another popular plagiarism checking software used by many students in the course of their learning.

It is more of a proofreading assistant that just a plagiarism software because it does so many jobs including grammar errors detection and proofreading services.

The paperRater is an advanced proofreading website that allows you to edit and improve the quality of the paper from many dimensions. It enables the student to submit an improved paper based on grammar, originality, content, and referencing.

It has a premium version where they help student with their academic work.

The weakness of this software is that it lacks paper repository so it cannot be relied on to detect previously submitted papers.


This is another popular plagiarism checking software with deep search AI algorithms. It scans papers in few minutes and generates the plagiarism report based on the deep scanning.

One of the shortcomings of this software is that it lacks the mobile app and cannot easily be used without a computer.

Just like all the software mentioned above, it lacks the paper repository, to mean that it cannot detect repository plagiarism.


We already discussed the plagiarism software to use and now it is time to give the direction on the best plagiarism software to use.

The best plagiarism software to use is that software that can check all types of plagiarism and there is none other than Turnitin. We already mentioned on our previous article Top 10 Reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker?

Turnitin is the most trusted and recognized plagiarism checking software used by all the leading institutions.

Why is Turnitin the most effectively plagiarism software?

  1. Its ability to detect a wide range of plagiarism
  2. It is the only plagiarism checking software with paper repository that grows daily
  3. It is safe and quick to use
  4. It is the one used by the universities (recommended)
  5. It provides a detailed plagiarism report
  6. It also provides a comprehensive grammar check

From the above analysis, we can confidently advise that you only need to use Turnitin for plagiarism checking.

Turnitin Access

If you are a student, ensure you are using the non-repository Turnitin plagiarism checking tool because it will not save your work in the Turnitin repository.

You can contact us if you need personal Turnitin logins for as low as $29.99 USD for one year subscription.

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In conclusion, the list of plagiarism checkers is endless. However, a good number of these software are just AI powered to check the information you have written against the content in the online platforms. Plagiarism goes beyond just copy pasting of online content.

We can conclude that Turnitin is the most effective and the most trusted plagiarism checker. You should purchase the personal non repository Turnitin account if you want a true plagiarism checker.



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