Is Turnitin’s Plagiarism Checker Accurate?

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  • What are the misconceptions about Turnitin?
  • Can Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing?
  • What score is too high for Turnitin?
  • Can Turnitin detect wrong citations?
  • Is 33% similarity on Turnitin bad?
  • How do I lower my Turnitin score?
  • Does Turnitin detect copy paste?
  • How can you copy paste without plagiarizing?
  • Is Turnitin plagiarism checker accurate?
  • How do you remove paper stored in Turnitin repository?

What are the misconceptions about Turnitin?

The accuracy about Turnitin plagiarism checker is riddled with some myths and misconceptions. These myths and misconceptions may make somebody to question or even fear using Turnitin for plagiarism checking purposes.

There are several misconceptions about Turnitin. In this article, we will only explore a few of MAJOR misconceptions.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a student cannot use Turnitin for plagiarism check. Some people think that only the instructors or the educators are allowed to use Turnitin.

REALITY is that student can use Turnitin to check their work before making the final submission. The only thing a student should do is to ensure that he is using a non-repository Turnitin so that his work is not saved on the Turnitin database. Contact us or comment on this post below if you want a non-repository turnitin account for self-plagiarism check. 

The second misconception about Turnitin is that student should only use the Turnitin student account while the instructors/lecturers/professors should use the instructor account.

REALITY is that the student can use both instructor account and student account to check their papers. In fact, the instructor account is even better to use as a student because of its advance capabilities of checking unlimited number of papers. In short, the student can choose to use the instructor or the student account, provided all of them are non-repository account.

The third misconception is that the Turnitin student account and Turnitin instructor account give different results.

REALITY is that both the Turnitin student account and the Turnitin instructor account give the same results in terms of plagiarism percentage.

The fourth misconception is that when you use Turnitin it will automatically save your document in Turnitin database, causing self-plagiarism.

REALITY is that Turnitin does not automatically save your paper in Turnitin database, it depends on the settings. For students, the settings should be non-repository. The non-repository settings remove the automatic saving to the Turnitin database so that your paper will not be self-plagiarized.

It is advisable to purchase Turnitin accounts from those brokers who only sell Turnitin non repository account. For non-repository turnitin, just send a formal email request to

The firth misconception about Turnitin is that it is not sold to students. It is often assumed that Turnitin is only sold to learning institution and there is no way a student can have access to personal Turnitin account.

REALITY is that students buy personal Turnitin accounts every day, both student accounts and instructor accounts. You will not get the personal accounts being sold in the Turnitin website, but you will get the accounts from reputable brokers. Please contact us or leave a comment if you need a personal Turnitin account for both plagiarism and AI check. 

Can Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing?

Can Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing
Can Turnitin Detect Paraphrasing

Yes, it can detect paraphrasing but only on a limited capacity. When you simply paraphrase, Turnitin is likely to flag some few words from that line or lines that have been paraphrased. The resultant plagiarism report will be lower, something like 30%.

So, the best thing to do is just to write everything in your own words then cite all the borrowed ideas accordingly.

What score is too high for Turnitin?

Let me analyze this by answering these questions!

Is 90% similarity on Turnitin bad? This is a very high similarity associated with copy pasting. Never submit anything this high because it will not even be marked, it will be rejected outright.

Is 80% similarity on Turnitin bad? This is a very high similarity which is also associated with copy pasting. Never submit anything this high because it will not even be marked, it will be rejected outright.

Is 70% similarity on Turnitin bad? This is also a very high similarity which is associated with copy pasting from the internet or previous papers. Never submit anything this high because it will not even be marked, it will be rejected outright.

Is 50% similarity on Turnitin bad? This is also bad because it shows that half of your content is not original, never submit anything like this for publication or for marking.

Is 40% similarity on Turnitin bad? This is also high, such paper needs more rewriting to reduce the plagiarism to better levels.

Is 36% similarity on Turnitin bad? Not very high but still not acceptable. You need to rewrite most of the plagiarized words to reduce your paper to acceptable levels.

Is 24% similarity on Turnitin bad? This is within the green levels of plagiarism in Turnitin report. The 24% result on Turnitin is not very high but still not within the safe plagiarism limits. You need to reduce it a little bit to the safe plagiarism levels.

Is 15% similarity on Turnitin bad? This is not bad, slightly acceptable in some universities but still not acceptable in some universities.

What is the safe plagiarism level on Turnitin? The safe plagiarism level on Turnitin is below 10%. Nobody will penalize you for plagiarism in the range of 1-9% of plagiarism in Turnitin report.

READ Acceptable Plagiarism Percentage in Turnitin

Can Turnitin detect wrong citations?

Turnitin cannot detect wrong citations in any paper. When it comes to citations, both in text citation and the reference list, then the work of Turnitin is very limited.  In fact, it is recommended that your settings of Turnitin should be that it should exclude the reference list.

Turnitin is about checking plagiarism. The citations and the reference list should always be plagiarized because there is no way you can change the name of the author, the publication tittle and the published. In this regard, if you run the list of reference or list of citations in Turnitin, it will always show plagiarism but that should never raise any alarm because that is acceptable.

Is 33% similarity on Turnitin bad?

The 36% plagiarism on Turnitin may appear low, but it is not within the safe plagiarism limits. You should always ensure that your paper is within the safe plagiarism limits which is 0-9%. Plagiarism levels of 10% on Turnitin may not appear high and you may not even be penalized but they are not within the safe plagiarism levels.

How do I lower my Turnitin score?

It depends on your plagiarism report. If your plagiarism report is showing that your paper is 100% submitted to ……. University, then it requires what we call repository deletion.

As a student, you may not have the power to delete your paper from Turnitin repository. If you contact the Turnitin support directly, they may take about 3 months or more and even that the success rate is only 40%. Just contact us we will use our admin credentials, log into the Turnitin admin and use your submission ID to locate your paper and delete it for you in few hours.

You may also be suffering from plagiarism cause by improper writing skills. You think you have really written your paper in your own words only to check and it turns out that your paper is 50% plagiarized.

In the above case, just contact us we will rewrite the paper for you in a professional way such that the plagiarism is removed while the original content of your paper is maintained. We know how to remove the plagiarism from a student paper without interfering with the scientific terms, definitions, figures, tables, and illustrations.

Does Turnitin detect copy paste?

Yes, Turnitin detects copy past very easily. You should never copy paste then expect that your paper will not be red flagged by Turnitin.

If you love copy pasting your works, please stop because you will be heavily penalized by your teacher. The temptation of copy pasting is mostly brought about by late assignment attempts. Ensure you attempt your assignments as early as possible so that you have enough time to complete it and not fall into the temptation of lateness.

How can you copy paste without plagiarizing?

You can copy without plagiarizing but only for two scenarios.

The first scenario whereby you are copying quotes. Quotes are exempted from plagiarism checking.

Quotes in Turnitin

If you have used a quote in your paper, make sure you have indicated that it is a quote by using the quotation marks and also indicating the author of the quote.

The second scenario you are allowed to copy paste without plagiarizing is in the references. We already said that there is no way you can change the name of the author, tittle of publication and the name of the publisher. In this regard, they are usually exempted from plagiarism consideration.

Is Turnitin plagiarism checker accurate?

Yes, Turnitin plagiarism checker is very accurate. If you want to check the accuracy of Turnitin plagiarism, take a paper that was once submitted for marking then run it into Turnitin.

It will show 100% plagiarism submitted to ……… university. It will accurately point out the source of the plagiarism, which is the repository that paper is located.

In this regard, we can conclude that Turnitin plagiarism checker is accurate.

How do you remove paper stored in Turnitin repository?

Removing a paper from Turnitin repository requires some technical knowledge especially those operating Turnitin admins.

The most popular way is where people message Turnitin support, but this process usually takes so long (not less than 3 months) and the success rate is only 40%. This means that majority of those who use this method never get their papers deleted due to the many rules and requirements associated with this request.

If you want a sure and fast way of removing your paper from turnitin repository, just contact us and we will do it for you within a couple of hours. Ensure you have your submission ID for quick response. If you do not have the submission ID, then attach your paper so that we can generate the turnitin report and locate your paper using the submission ID in the new turnitin report.

In conclusion, contact us if you want a personal Turnitin non repository account. Also contact us if you want professional plagiarism removal and deletion from the repository services.

Free Turnitin plagiarism report in Canvas

How can you avoid plagiarism on Canvas

Avoiding plagiarism in Canvas is very simple, just ensure you submit an original work in Canvas.

To submit an original work, ensure that you do thorough research about your assignments and submit and reference all sources accordingly. Ensure that your writing has nothing to do with copy pasting.

Copy pasting is the biggest source of plagiarism among the students. In this regard, any student should avoid copy pasting as much as possible.

To avoid the temptation of copy pasting, it is advisable for the students to start working on their assignments as early as possible.

Lateness in doing the assignments is the biggest cause of copy pasting.

To avoid plagiarism in Canvas, ensure you start working on your assignments as early as possible so that you have enough time to do research and write your paper well while doing proper citations.

What is the acceptable Turnitin score on Canvas

The acceptable Turnitin score in Canvas should be 10% or below. Any high plagiarism percentage like 50% or 80% will automatically result in deduction of marks or even possible zero marks.

Having problems with plagiarism? Just contact us and we will help you write a high quality non plagiarized work or at least help you remove plagiarism from your work.





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