Is There a Free Version of Turnitin? YES, Get it here

Introduction to Free Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

The Free Version of Turnitin is finally here with us. It is finally revealed. 

Students will no longer have to struggle to check their work with Turnitin if they follow the instructions given here.

Why would a student want to check their work with Turnitin and not any other alternative out there? Because Turnitin is the ultimate plagiarism checker!!

Free Turnitin

What this simply means is that all other ALTERNATIVES TO TURNITIN outside there are non-effective.

In the present world, it is 100 times easier for a student to plagiarize their work due to a ton of information that is readily available over the internet and online libraries and databases.

Therefore, it is very necessary for the student to confirm the plagiarism levels in Turnitin first before making the final attempt to submit their work.

This will enable the student to make any corrections so that he/she can submit a non-plagiarized work that will scoop the highest marks possible.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an online plagiarism checker that was founded in the year 1997.

The universities and colleges often buy the licenses for this software to check and detect the level of plagiarism in student papers.

Currently, Turnitin is being used by more than 30 million students and close to 200,000 universities around the world.

It is the most popular and the most trusted plagiarism checker online.

How does Turnitin Works?

Turnitin works by comparing the submitted paper to the online content and other several databases using a proprietary algorithm. It does this by scanning its own Turnitin database together with other academic databases.

It then produces a similarity score that ranges from 0-100%, with zero representing no plagiarism and 100% represented full plagiarism.

Turnitin Colors
Turnitin Colors

Turnitin Alternatives?

There are several other options for checking plagiarism. Some people believe in them while others don’t believe in them. 

To be precise, there are over 50 plagiarism checking tools online. However, majority of them can never be relied upon when it comes to checking plagiarism.

Among the most common options for checking plagiarism are Copyscape and Grammarly. Therefore, we will compare this three most commonly used software to check for plagiarism.

Copyscape is a plagiarism checking software that was founded in the year 2004. It basically checks your work against similarity with other document on the web (see evidence below).

What does this (web) mean?

It simply means that copyscape compares your document to the content on the world wide web. In other words, it had no database.

Actually, copyscape is most commonly used by bloggers, content creators, and SEO experts (not academicians). Why? Because these group of people are not interested in any database, they are only interested on online content.

Why? Because it cannot detect similarity with content on a database. This is good for SEO and bloggers, but bad news for students.

CopyScape Vs Turnitin Compared

Turnitin CopyScape 
Checks similarity against the web content and a database Checks similarity against the web content only
Has no word limit during check There is a word limit during check
Does not check grammar Does not check grammar

EXPERT TAKE: Turnitin is more superior to CopyScape

Why? Due to their additional functionality to check the web plus a database.

Grammarly is also another commonly used software by many people to check for grammar and plagiarism at the same time.

As you can see from their home page, Grammarly has invested heavily in checking grammar mistakes.

As their name suggest, Grammarly is more of a grammar checker than a plagiarism checker.

In fact, they only check plagiarism as a secondary option, not a primary option.

Turnitin Vs Grammarly Compared

Turnitin  Grammarly
Primarily a plagiarism checker Primarily a grammar checker
Compares a document against web content and databases Compares a document against web content only
Checks plagiarism only Checks grammar and plagiarism as an additional feature

EXPERT TAKE: Turnitin is still better than Grammarly when it comes to plagiarism checking

Why? Because they only focus on one thing (Plagiarism) without the need to be distracted by other things.

However, if you are more interested in grammatical mistakes than plagiarism, then you better go for Grammarly.

How to use Turnitin for Free

Now that we all agree that Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker, how do we use it for FREE?

Is I already stated in my earlier blog, there are only two options available for students to enjoy Turnitin for Free.

The first option is to use the license Turnitin by the university. However, not all the universities have the financial capacity to purchase this license because it is very expensive.

The FREE option is to contact a third party provide like us by sending your paper to our email, we run it through our licensed Turnitin account, the send you the PDF copy of the Turnitin Plagiarism Report. This option is available on limited basis. The best way if to purchase the personal Turnitin account for only $29.99 for one year subscription. We are talking about the non-repository Turnitin that will not save your work on the Turnitin database. See how to get access to Turnitin Generate Turnitin class ID and enrollment key free 2024 || Turnitin AI detector – YouTube

Please contact us or leave a comment if you need Turnitin account from us


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