Is it safe to use Turnitin as a student?

The answer is a yes or no depending on something I will explain in detail later. This is something very serious and I guess you really need to observe it very keenly.

Let me explain it in the form of a story.

I was once given a Turnitin login by a friend. She got it somewhere which I don’t know but told me to use it.

He convinced me that I really need to use it to check the plagiarism level of my work. I bought the idea very fast.

So, he gave me the login and password. I was very excited. I was sure that plagiarism will no longer be a problem.

My strategy was to check the plagiarism level of my work, then correct the plagiarism in good time before making the final submission.

I did exactly that. I checked my paper for plagiarism. Got some small plagiarism percentage of about 12% then submitted my work because our school allows plagiarism of up to 15%.

I was surprised when the results came out.

I got a whopping 0% Reason for the low marks is due to plagiarism

Free Turnitin Sign Up
Free Turnitin Sign Up

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I decided to check the Turnitin report that was displayed there. My paper was reading 100% plagiarism. The plagiarism report stipulated that my work was 100% submitted to Pakistan Institute of Technology yet I was studying at Study at Utrecht University.

I decided to investigate the issue, but I got the shock of my life.

The Turnitin I was using was a repository Turnitin. It saves all the works that passed through its system.

I was later told that I ought to have used what we call a non-repository Turnitin. In non-repository Turnitin, the works are not saved in the Turnitin repository. As a student, you need to understand the 4 Types of Turnitin Accounts Available (USE THIS ONE)

I research over the web then got some persons selling the non-repository Turnitin from as low as $29.99 for one year subscription. 

I was a bit skeptical but just decided to go ahead due to the assurance that it will not save my work in the Turnitin database.

Till today, I’m still using that repository Turnitin that I got from plagexpert.

It does not save my work in Turnitin database even if I check the same paper as many times as possible.

WATCH THIS How to Generate Free Turnitin Plagiarism Report in 5 Minutes – YouTube

You can check and recheck the same paper even as much as 20 times or more, but it will not save your work in the Turnitin database

Even your teacher nor anybody else will notice that you ever used Turnitin.

Turnitin AI score

BACK TO THE QUESTION: Is it safe to use Turnitin?

YES, it is only safe to use Turnitin if you are using the non-repository Turnitin

You can get access to non-repository Turnitin from us, just send us a formal email request then consider it done.

Can someone check if my paper has been plagiarized before I submit it?

Yes, it can be checked but it’s always good to check it yourself. When you check the paper yourself, you will have more control of your paper.

But the most important thing is privacy, security and confidentiality of your paper. I once have out my paper to somebody to check it for me online with his plagiarism check then send me the plagiarism report.

The next day I found my paper exactly word by word, chapter by chapter uploaded in a paper sharing platform called courshero.

They usually do that because there are some potential monetary benefits, they get by sharing those papers in those platforms. It is like they are selling your paper.

When somebody checks your paper for you, he may proceed to upload the paper in other student paper sharing platforms such as chegg or coursehero thus interfering with the originality of your paper.

What you need to do is just to purchase plagiarism software for yourself. We recommend you use the personal Turnitin non repository account.

You can purchase the non-repository Turnitin account from our website. We sell the non-repository Turnitin account for as low as $29.99 for one year subscription.

Now, the benefit of using the non-repository Turnitin account is PRIVACY, SECURITY, AND CONFIDENTIALITY. You will be the only one with exclusive access to the software.

You can also change the logins any time to mean you can always lock out potential intruders. In this regard, nobody will have access to your paper and thus your paper will not be shared anywhere.

Is it possible to submit the same assignment twice in college?

Not possible but there is one exceptional case that I will explain here.

When you submit your assignment, there is high chance your school is using Turnitin.

When you submit your paper, your school pass your paper through the repository Turnitin.

Once the marking has been done, your paper will remain stuck in the Turnitin repository.

So, when you submit the second time, it will show 100% submitted to your school. So, you will be caught easily like that.

Now, there is some small chance your school is not using the repository Turnitin. In that case, there is no way that your teacher will know that you are submitting an assignment that had already been submitted earlier.

Now, how will you know whether your school is using a repository Turnitin?

THE ANSWER is to use a non-repository Turnitin to check your paper before submission

Remember we are talking of two Turnitin accounts here: the repository Turnitin for your school and the non-repository Turnitin for the student.

WHAT TO DO is to check your paper through the non-repository Turnitin to generate the plagiarism percentage.

If your paper shows that it had already been submitted, then leave it alone.

If it shows that it had not already been submitted, then count yourself lucky because your school is not using Turnitin.

In that case, you can go ahead and submit your paper without any problem.

In other words, a student should always have a non-repository Turnitin. You can get access to non-repository Turnitin from a website for as low as $29.99 for one year subscription.


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