If I get a paper from Chegg.com, will it pass the plagiarism checker?

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism can simply be defined as the intentional or the unintentional way of passing someone’s work or ideas as your own. In literal meaning, it is the act of copying or using what is not yours as your own.

In both academic and article writing, any form of plagiarism is not allowed or tolerated. Students caught plagiarizing are treated harshly just the same way you can be treated when caught cheating during examinations.

Plagiarism is a very broad term, and many things constitute plagiarism as shown below

  • Copying without paraphrasing
  • Paraphrasing from one source
  • Writing full paragraphs without citation
  • Not citing images, graphs, charts and illustrations that are not original
  • Using content paraphrasing software

You can get to know more about plagiarism from this important article titled 10 best plagiarism checkers in the world.  

Is it reliable to use Chegg?

Yes, about 70% of Chegg answers are correct. However, about 30% of the Chegg answers are not correct. In this regard, you should only use the Chegg answers with your mind open because there is that possibility that it may be wrong.

The reason why some answers are not correct because they are answered by student just like you. Therefore, you really need to be very keen when using the answers. It is upon you to gauge and see if the answers fully address the question before rushing to use it.

The mistake most student make is that the Chegg answers are always correct. Please do not make the wrong assumption make you fail your grade. Always use your personal judgment when utilizing the Chegg unlocks.

From the plagiarism perspective, you should never trust a Chegg unlock because it is a content posted on the online platforms.

Are Chegg unlocks plagiarized?

We defined plagiarism as the act of using someone’s content or ideas as your own. On the same note, the same content which is already unoriginal is posted in a publicly accessible website.

The above implication implies that Chegg unlocks are plagiarized from two perspectives. First, it was posted there by another person who the real owner, was making it unoriginal content. 

Secondly, the Chegg answers are available in public forum to mean that there is a high chance that some person or persons already downloaded it earlier and used the same answer. Just imagine the same answer that had already been used by more than 10 students, that is automatically plagiarism.

To be precise and to the point, the Chegg answers are plagiarized answers.

How should you use Chegg unlocks safely without plagiarizing?

It is possible to use the Chegg unlocks without plagiarizing. What you need to do is to use it as a reference material. What we mean is that you just borrow the concepts and the points from the Chegg answer then putting down the answers in your own words and phrases.

If the answers have formulas, then take the screenshot of the formulas and insert them in your word document as images. The plagiarism checker will skip the images, and this will reduce the plagiarism score in your work.

The next thing to do it to check your work that you have written using the methods described above with plagiarism checker. You need to do this so that if the plagiarism percentage is still high, then you can reduce it in good time before submitting your work.

How to check plagiarism in a Chegg unlock

There are tens of plagiarism checkers out there, but their effectiveness and reliability are questionable.

The most effective and reliable plagiarism checker is Turnitin.

Turnitin is the plagiarism checker that is even recommended by most universities because the use it. The type of Turnitin to use is the non-repository Turnitin account because it will not store your paper in the Turnitin database.

Free Turnitin
Free Turnitin

To check your paper the plagiarism of your Chegg borrowed answers, we recommend that you use the Turnitin to generate the plagiarism report. If the plagiarism is below 10%, then that means it falls within the safe and acceptable plagiarism levels and you should thus go ahead and submit it. If it is high, let’s say 45%, then we suggest you continue to rewrite the highlighted sentences within the plagiarism report. If you don’t have access to Turnitin, we can offer you an access to one year non repository Turnitin for as low as $29.99 for one year subscription.

How do you remove plagiarism from Chegg unlocks?

The best and sure way of removing plagiarism from your Chegg unlocks is to rewrite the content in your own words and to cite all the borrowed ideas accordingly. If you do not believe in your skills or if you do not have enough time, then we can provide you with the expert plagiarism removal services on any documents. Be it assignment, essay, term paper, research work, lap report, thesis or dissertation.

We provide all rounded plagiarism removal service at a small fee. Our plagiarism removal services come with proper citation and grammar check. We also attach the final plagiarism report showing how much content of plagiarism has been removed and the final plagiarism reading.

How to access Turnitin plagiarism checker

We offer non repository Turnitin account for as low as $29.99 for one year subscription. The benefit of our Turnitin subscription is listed below.

  • It is non repository and will not store your work on the Turnitin database
  • It comes with 24/7 technical support so that any expired classes are activated with immediate effect
  • It generates plagiarism report within less than 5 minutes as shown in this video.
  • Security and privacy are guaranteed because it is set up with your own email and password that you can change any time.

Turnitin Software


To conclude, Chegg unlocks are important, but they should only be used as reference material. Ensure you remove the plagiarism from the Chegg unlock before making it your own, ready for submission. You should only use Turnitin because it is the most effective and reliable plagiarism checker. If you have problems with plagiarism, please contact us for professional plagiarism removal services at a small fee. 

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