How to Beat and Cheat Turnitin Without getting Caught [Tips and Tricks]


Are you wondering how you can beat and cheat Turning?

What we mean is, how you can manipulate your writing process so that your work reads 0% plagiarism in Turnitin?

Free Turnitin
Free Turnitin

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If yes, then you are in the right place?

But before this? Why should you be worried about Turnitin?
Because a negative Turnitin score (high similarity) will simply imply that you are going to fail in your grades.

Therefore, it is recommended that you only need to submit a paper that is free from any form of plagiarism to enable you scoop high marks.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is the ultimate plagiarism checker used by universities to check the similarity in student assignments, coursework, essays, lab reports, thesis and dissertations.

It is an advanced plagiarism detecting software that matches the document uploaded in it with the materials available on the internet plus other academic databases.

It enables the student or the tutor to know the level of similarity in a document, you have to use turnitin.

How does Turnitin Works?

As stated above, Turnitin simply works by comparing the similarity in a document with online contents and the contents available in a database.

Turnitin compares your text against.

  1. The present and archived web content that is publicly available online
  2. Books, newspapers, and journals (through its partnerships with publishers, library databases, digital reference collections, and subscription-based publications)
  3. Previous student papers submitted for marking through Turnitin

Basically, Turnitin uses Matching Algorithm to provide a detailed comparison of the text submitted through it with other texts available elsewhere.

If you want to know how effective Turnitin works, just upload a paper you previously submitted for marking through Turnitin and you will be shocked to learn that it shows 100% plagiarism (results showing “submitted to your university).

You want to know more how Turnitin works? Watch the video below!

Smart Tricks That’ll Cheat the Plagiarism Software

#1. Get Expert Help (from PlagExpert)

There is a wonderful team of PLAGEXPERTS who will run your paper through Turnitin [FREE COST] then send to you the Turnitin plagiarism report showing the percentages.

If the Turnitin report shows more than 10% plagiarism, you can agree with them to professionally remove the plagiarism in this document at a small fee.

Remember, these are experts, who have years of experience of checking documents through Turnitin software. Therefore, they are likely to do a wonderful work by professionally reducing the plagiarism in your document, without changing the original meaning.

After they are done, they will again send to the updated word document with the corresponding PDF of Turnitin plagiarism report. From here, you will be safe to submit your document without the need to worry about plagiarism anymore.

This is the most popular method preferred by students writing essays, thesis, and dissertations because it is stress free.

After giving your work to be plagiarism cleaned by experts, you only need to wait for few hours to get the original unaltered work ready for submission.

#2. Smart Paraphrasing

The other method of removing plagiarism from your work is to do what we normally call smart paraphrasing.

It is the second most common way students use to beat plagiarism.

Smart paraphrasing invoice rephrasing the words so that it appears to be unique.

Plagiarism checking software like Turnitin operates by identifying similar constructions or passages and this makes paraphrasing a good possibility to cheat plagiarism.

The shortcoming of this method is that it takes long time and may not remove the plagiarism 100%.

The other problem with smart paraphrasing is that you can easily be caught by your professor when he/she keenly reads your sentence.

#3. Replace words with Synonyms

This is another method of cheating plagiarism that is commonly used by students. Almost all English words have synonyms and can easily be replaced to make a new sentence.

Let’s take an example of a sentence and try to cheat Turnitin by replacing it with synonyms…

SENTENCE: Of course, you still need to research. However, you’ll be reading only authoritative resources that give you information you can reference. You’ll be taking notes and you’ll reference the sources that inspired your arguments.

ANSWER:     Obviously, despite everything you have to inquire about. Nonetheless, you’ll be perusing just definitive assets that give you data you can reference. You’ll be taking notes and you’ll reference the sources that enlivened your contentions.

The shortcoming of this method is that it lowers the quality of the sentences in your work. A teacher can easily detect from your paragraph flow that you have simply replaced your works with synonyms.

Therefore, this method should not be relied upon, not unless you are just using it to change one sentence among hundreds of sentences.

#4. Reorganize the sentence structure

This is another common method of cheating plagiarism that entails bringing words that appeared last on the first parts and vice versa. It basically entails changing the positions of words within a sentence.

The shortcoming of this method is that is it less reliable because it makes a sentence lose meaning and content flow.

Therefore, you can manage to avoid plagiarism, but you will be marked down for wrong sentence structuring.

#5. Use Illustrations (Images and Pictures)

The previous and the current version of Turnitin has no capabilities to detect images, pictures and illustrations. So, if you have a document, you can turn it to an image then you’re sure have escaped the Turnitin plagiarism checker.

The shortcoming of this method is that most student works involve description of words and texts. So, images should only be used in a limited capacity. Even when images are used, they still need to be described with words and texts.

In such a case, Turnitin will only skip the sections bearing the images, but capture the texts used to describe such images.

If you submit a document that is purely an image, then Turnitin will simply reject it. Therefore, this method is only effective on a very limited capacity.


Now that we have explored all the methods and techniques people use to cheat Turnitin, you should select the method that is most effective and safe. We have arranged them in order starting with the safest and the most reliable method to the least reliable method. As you can see, most of these tricks have flaws expect the first one. Apart from the first method, the rest should only be applied when you have no option, or you are in a hurry.

You should try to stick to the reliable method which involves contacting PLAGEXPERT

WHY? Because your teacher/tutor will NEVER find out that you have manipulated Turnitin because your papers will be reading 0% plagiarism.


Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

How do I overcome Turnitin?

It is absolutely hard to write a paper that is 100% free from any form of plagiarism. Therefore, the best way is to write your paper, then check it in Turnitin software, then check the results.

If the results shows that some few sentences are plagiarized, rewrite those sentences in your own words and recheck the paper again in Turnitin.

This process should be repeated many times until your paper shows 0% plagiarism of at least something below 5% (which is acceptable at any university).

If your university does not give students access to Turnitin, the use the free option available here 

Can Paraphrasing Beat Turnitin?

In summary, paraphrasing alone cannot beat Turnitin. Yes, it might reduce the similarity in your work by some percentage, but it may not reduce it perfectly.

You just need to write in your own words and cite all the borrowed sources accordingly.

Can Turnitin Detect Spinbot?

In most cases, Turnitin cannot detect spinbot.

Why? Because this software replaces all the words with their synonyms

However, you should AVOID the use of SPINBOT for academic papers because you will get low marks (if any) because it will totally destroy your sentence structure, meaning, and flow.

If you want to get good marks, avoid the use of this software as much as possible.

How do you plagiarize and not get caught?

We have answered this question by listing the five possible ways of plagiarizing without being caught. However, some of these methods have some limitations and you may be caught if not used properly.

In Summary, the following are the most common tricks and tips to plagiarize without getting caught, arranged in order of priority (First, being the most effective).

  1. Use the services of Turnitin Experts (BEST METHOD)
  2. Smart Paraphrasing
  3. Replace words with Synonyms
  4. Reorganize the sentence structure
  5. Use illustrations (images and pictures)

Can Turnitin detect old papers?

It depends.

If the old paper was submitted for marking through Turnitin and stored in Turnitin repository, then the answer is big fat YES!

If the old paper was not submitted for marking on Turnitin or was only run through Turnitin but not stored in Turnitin repository, then NO!

Can Turnitin detect pictures?

The previous and the present version of Turnitin has no capacity to read anything that is not text based. Remember Turnitin is simply a TEXT MATCHING SOFTWARE and does not ready anything which is not taxed based.

If your work contains pictures, it will only check the texts and skip areas with pictures and images.

However, if your work is purely pictures without any single texts, then it will reject your paper in its entirety.

Does Turnitin detect PDF?

Yes, Turnitin detects PDF.

In fact, you can choose to upload your work as WORD FILE or PDF FILE and Turnitin will read and effectively detect plagiarism in both files.

What is the acceptable percentage for Turnitin?

There is no common acceptable percentage of Turnitin. However, it is universally accepted that any paper that is 0% plagiarized is acceptable anywhere.

However, in most cases, teachers appreciate that is not always possible to get a 0% plagiarized work.

Therefore, they allow some degree of error in writing original papers.

In most cases, anything that is 5% plagiarism or less is safe. However, some universities allow up to 10% similarity.

If you have a problem in reducing the similarity in your paper, then we advise that you see the services of PLAGEXPERT they will help you to reduce plagiarism in your work from whatever percentage (be it 100% plagiarism) to less than 5% plagiarism (which is safe for submission).







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