How to Access and Use Turnitin Instructor with AI Detector || Turnitin Free Class ID and Enrollment

It is possible to access turnitin instructor with plagiarism and AI detector provided you follow the right channel.

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When searching for your Turnitin class ID and enrollment key, it’s important to understand that these details are typically provided by your instructor or institution and are crucial for accessing and participating in Turnitin assignments. Here’s a more detailed guide on where and how you can find them:

Firstly, your instructor is the primary source for this information. They usually distribute the class ID and enrollment key either during the initial introduction to the course or when assigning Turnitin tasks. If you haven’t received this information yet, consider checking your email for any messages from your instructor regarding the Turnitin setup or reach out to them directly through your preferred communication channel.

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Secondly, you can get it from third party resellers. You can watch that video above it contains leads to the most trusted third-party reseller of Turnitin like us.

The most important thing is to gain access to the plagiarism and AI checks

The new feature of the Turnitin is as shown below


Prices of Turnitin 

Our prices start at $29.99 for one year subscription

The following are some other reasons why you should use our Turnitin

  • Because our prices are cost effective
  • Because we offer 24/7 technical support, so when the classes expire, we just activate it
  • Because we only sell the non-repository Turnitin, so no risk of self-plagiarism
  • Because we will activate your account within few minutes after you are done with the payment
  • Because we have a reputation of offering the same service for more than 5 years

Another benefit is that by chance that you do not know how to use the Turnitin account, we will send you a short video on how to use it and generate your Turnitin report within 5 minutes.

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We serve several students on daily basis with our perfect working Turnitin accounts. The students are able use our Turnitin accounts on daily basis to generate plagiarism report and use that plagiarism report to ensure their draft paper is free from plagiarism before making the final decision.

How to buy Turnitin and what you should receive

The first step in buying Turnitin is to show expression of interest by sending a formal email request to us. Our email is on the contact page of this website.

We will review your request then send you the price and the product description.

We will then wait for you to respond to the email based on the terms and conditions.

If we receive a positive response from you, accepting the terms and conditions, then we will respond by sending you the invoice. The invoice is basically the payment link bearing the product description and your identity.


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