How can I check plagiarism on Turnitin? I don’t have a class ID and enrollment key

Many students are using Turnitin on daily basis to check their works. In fact, you really need to check your work with Turnitin because it is the most effective plagiarism checking software.

We can confidently tell you that millions of students use Turnitin to check their work.

Some use the Turnitin class ID and enrollment key, but some also have the Turnitin password with established class ID and enrollment keys.

Free Turnitin Class ID
Free Turnitin Class ID

In other words, it’s not a must that you have the class ID and enrollment key to check your work in Turnitin. You can as well check your work if you have the password for Turnitin.

As a matter of fact, it is better to use the option of Turnitin logins to check your work as opposed to the class ID and enrollment key option because it will give you unlimited checks for a long period of time, probably one year.

The class ID and enrollment key option has limited check and may not even last more than two weeks.

Many organizations are selling Turnitin passwords, but our package only goes for $29.99 per one year subscription.

Apart from this, our Turnitin subscription package has the following benefits described below

  • Our Turnitin packages comes with 24/7 technical support, to mean if by any chance the class expires because of the software upgrade, we set it up immediately to avoid service interruption.
  • Our Turnitin package is a non-repository Turnitin, to mean that even if you check your paper as many times as possible, there is no risk of self-plagiarism.
  • Our Turnitin package is the most pocket friendly outside here. Some brokers sell the Turnitin package for as much as $85 for one year subscription yet the software works the same.
  • Our Turnitin package comes with security and privacy because you will be given a unique password that you can change anytime to lock everyone out.

As a student how can I get access of “turnitin, com” for free to check my plagiarism?

Turnitin is a licensed software that is not acquired freely. In fact, no entity acquires it for free, including the licensed brokers like us.

However, you can still get access to free Turnitin in two ways

  1. From your university librarian and this only happens when your university has subscribed to Turnitin. Please try to talk to your librarian if he can at least give you some limited access to Turnitin.
  2. From your friend who has purchase the Turnitin subscription. He can just lend you his Turnitin logins to use for some time being. This is also limited to the type of friends you have as some may not be willing to give you Turnitin access.

If you do not fall between these two options, then you have no other option other than to purchase the Turnitin software.

How is Grammarly plagiarism check compared to Turnitin?

From its name, Grammarly is primarily a grammar checker. The software checks grammar mistakes in a sentence, but also checks plagiarism as an extended service.

In other words, Grammarly has the capability to check plagiarism. However, you really need to understand that the plagiarism checking component of Grammarly is an extended service, it’s not the primary service.

What this mean is that the grammar checking capability is the priority and not the plagiarism checking component.

On the other hand, Turnitin main component is plagiarism checking.

It is also critical to remember and understand that Turnitin also checkers plagiarism as the primary component of the software and also checks grammar as the secondary component of the software.

In summary, both Grammarly and Turnitin checks both plagiarism and also the grammar mistakes.

For Grammarly, the grammar is the main component of the software.

For Turnitin, plagiarism is the main component of the software.

Based on the above analysis, if you want to check plagiarism, will you choose a software with plagiarism as the primary component of the software or that software with plagiarism as the second component of the software?

I guess your answer is as good as mine.

For plagiarism checking purposes, please only consider Turnitin. The benefit of Turnitin is that it also provides grammar check as part of its secondary component.

In other words, the moment you have access to Turnitin, all your plagiarism and grammar worries are sorted.

What is the cost of Turnitin?

The cost of Turnitin depends on whether you are buying for personal use or for institutional use.

Remember Turnitin is an expensive software because it is the most sought after and the most used plagiarism software by most institutions.

If you are buying for institutional use, the cost will vary depending on how many students the institution has.

More students mean higher pay and vice versa.

On average, the price of intuitional package for Turnitin is about $3 per student. So, an institution with about 10,000 students will have to party with about $30,000 annually for the Turnitin package.

Remember this price is open to negotiation so there is no fixed price.

Then there are those who need Turnitin for personal usage. Most people in this category are the students or instructors.

The price of personal student account goes for $29.99 for one year subscription

The price of instructor Turnitin goes for $49.99 per one year subscription and it checks both plagiarism and AI content 

Just email or contact us through the contact email provided in the description and we will set it up for you within 60 minutes after you are done with the payment.

We have also mentioned above that we only sell non repository Turnitin accounts so you do not need to worry about self-plagiarism because your work will not be saved in the Turnitin repository.

Even if you check the same paper repeatedly, it will not show.

You can test this by taking the same paper and checking it twice then check the second report it points to any plagiarism.

How do I find a free Turnitin check?

We already mentioned above that free Turnitin check is not possible unless you talk to your university librarian, or you get the logins from a friend.

The best thing to do is just to purchase the Turnitin package for your personal use at a small fee of $29.99 as mentioned above.

You need privacy and security, and we believe this is the only option you can use to get access to Turnitin.

Otherwise forget about free Turnitin scams all over the internet.

Do I need to buy a Turnitin ID for plagiarism checking?

You really need to do this because of many reasons

One of the reasons is RELIABILITY. You need something reliable that you can use any time at your own convenience, and this is only possible if you have access to your own personal Turnitin account.

The other reasons why you need Turnitin is security and privacy.

You will only feel safe and secure if you upload your essay, thesis or dissertation in a platform where only you can have exclusive access.

You also need to buy Turnitin so that you do not fall victim of plagiarism.

With the Turnitin software, you are sure that you are submitting a plagiarism free work because you will test it first before submitting.

If you check your work with Turnitin and get some plagiarism, you will have the option to remove the plagiarism in your draft paper before making the final conclusion.

You really need to have Turnitin if you are a student who is serious with his studies.

How do you avoid Similarity in Turnitin?

It is possible to avoid similarity or plagiarism in Turnitin

You can use the tricks discussed below to avoid similarity in Turnitin.

#1. Get Expert Help (from PlagExpert)

There is a wonderful team of PLAGEXPERTS who will run your paper through Turnitin [FREE COST] then send to you the Turnitin plagiarism report showing the percentages.

READ What is the acceptable percentage for Turnitin 

If the Turnitin report shows more than 10% plagiarism, you can agree with them to professionally remove the plagiarism in this document at a small fee.

Remember, these are experts, who have years of experience of checking documents through Turnitin software. Therefore, they are likely to do a wonderful work by professionally reducing the plagiarism in your document, without changing the original meaning.

After they are done, they will again send to the updated word document with the corresponding PDF of Turnitin plagiarism report. From here, you will be safe to submit your document without the need to worry about plagiarism anymore.

This is the most popular method preferred by students writing essays, thesis, and dissertations because it is stress free.

After giving your work to be plagiarism cleaned by experts, you only need to wait for few hours to get the original unaltered work ready for submission.

#2. Smart Paraphrasing

The other method of removing plagiarism from your work is to do what we normally call smart paraphrasing.

It is the second most common way students use to beat plagiarism.

Smart paraphrasing invoice rephrasing the words so that it appears to be unique.

Plagiarism checking software like Turnitin operates by identifying similar constructions or passages and this makes paraphrasing a good possibility to cheat plagiarism.

The shortcoming of this method is that it takes long time and may not remove the plagiarism 100%.

The other problem with smart paraphrasing is that you can easily be caught by your professor when he/she keenly reads your sentence.

#3. Cite Accordingly

This is a very smart method of avoiding Turnitin plagiarism. Always ensure that your work is properly cited in the most appropriate format.

Citation can be done in APA, MLA, Chicago, or any other style recommended by your school. When you cite your papers, you will not be accused of plagiarism.

However, your citations should not exceed more than one third of the words used in any paragraph.



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