Free Turnitin Plagiarism Checker in 2024

Table of Contents

  • The Best Free Plagiarism Checker
  • How to use Turnitin for Free
  • How to check plagiarism using Turnitin
  • Acceptable percentage in Turnitin Reports
  • Best and Free Alternatives to Turnitin
  • How Turnitin Detects Paraphrasing
  • How Turnitin checks References and Bibliography
  • The meaning of similarity in Turnitin
  • How Turnitin detects old papers
  • Why students can use Turnitin
  • Grammarly vs Turnitin Compared
  • How to log into Turnitin
  • How to properly check and interpret the Turnitin Reports

The Best Free Plagiarism Checker

The only reliable plagiarism checker for students is Turnitin. It is the only plagiarism checker recommended by the Universities around the world ranging from Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States among other countries.

Turnitin cannot be sold to students, they only sell it to educational institutions who then avails them to students and their educators to use it for free. However, you can get it from third party resellers like us. 

READ Turnitin Plagiarism Checker FREE 2024 [EXPOSED]

The only problem is that not all universities allow the students to check their work with Turnitin before submission. They only give room for the students to submit their papers to Turnitin once and for all.

The problem with this approach is that the students lack another chance to make chances to a plagiarized paper.

However, we recognize the need for the students to confirm the plagiarism levels that is why we check (upon request) the students work with our Turnitin and email them the PDF copies of their Turnitin Report.

Watch this video below on how to Get Turnitin Instructor Account for Plagiarism and AI check

How to use Turnitin for Free

There are two available options where the student can use the Turnitin for Free to check plagiarism.

The first option is through the university student portal (for lucky students whose university allows them to do so). However, this option is not possible for majority of the student since most universities only reserve the plagiarism checking privileges for the university lecturers, administrators, and librarians.

The second option is to contact a third party Turnitin service provider like us. So far, we are the only organization that offers free plagiarism checking services for free online.

You can send us an email then we will sort you in terms of getting the non-repository Turnitin instructor logins.

How to check plagiarism using Turnitin

Checking for plagiarism is easy yet tedious exercise.

You can check the detailed video on how to use Turnitin to check and generate Turnitin Plagiarism Report within 5 minutes

N/B: Remember you can only use the procedure described above if you have the Turnitin passwords and enrollment key (contact us if you need the Turnitin logins)

Acceptable percentage in Turnitin Reports

You can watch this YouTube video on the Acceptable Plagiarism Percentage on Turnitin

The reason why people should avoid plagiarism is because it is considered academic theft. What we mean here is that it is better to have no history of theft to enable you have good reputation.

In other words, zero plagiarism is better than lets say 20% plagiarism.

Your paper may not be rejected for lets say 20% plagiarism, but you may be marked down for stealing other people’s ideas and failing to cite them accordingly.

The acceptable levels of plagiarism differs from one university to another and also the level of education.

Students at higher levels of learning such as masters and postgraduate studies are expected to have the lowest levels of plagiarism is their reports.

IMPORTANT!! If you have high plagiarism in your work, then you can contact us for PROFESSIONAL PLAGIARISM REMOVAL SERVICES 

Best and Free Alternatives to Turnitin

The only alternative to Turnitin whether paid of free is Turnitin itself. There is NO ALTERNATIVE TO TURNITIN!

Why? Because no any other plagiarism checker have a database that can be matched to Turnitin.

Therefore, any other plagiarism checker, bet it free of paid, only works on a very limited capacity.

If you want a true plagiarism checking services, just use Turnitin itself.

You may send to us your paper to our email and we will check it and send to you the Turnitin plagiarism report for free.

How Turnitin Detects Paraphrasing

Yes, Turnitin detects paraphrasing. Therefore, the only solution is to write all the borrowed ideas in your own words and cite them accordingly.

Turnitin detects paraphrasing by using its very sophisticated software to provide comparison with the information it its databases.

So, don’t just paraphrase, but write all the borrowed information in your own words the provide them with proper citation.

How Turnitin checks References and Bibliography

Turnitin is a very sophisticated software that with advanced user capabilities. In it’s default settings, Turnitin checks every text uploaded within its system.

Naturally, references or bibliography should not be included within the plagiarism report. Why? Because there is no way you can change a book tittle or the author, so they will automatically be plagiarized.

Actually, references and diagrams are the only components of students work that are allowed to be plagiarized.

So what should the student do? We have two options here;

  1. The first option (recommended) is to upload the document containing your work, minus the bibliography or the reference section.
  2. The second option is to check the Turnitin settings and exclude references from being checked.

The meaning of similarity in Turnitin

Similarity simply means the level by which your paper appears similar to other papers within the Turnitin database on online platforms.

A 100% similarity score in the Turnitin Report means that your paper is exactly the same word by word with another document within the Turnitin database or a particular online platform.

In such a case, your paper may not even be marked by the tutor since you shall have not done any research, but simply copy pasted someone’s work.

A 0% similarity on the Turnitin report shows that your paper has no semblance with any other paper within the Turnitin database or online platforms.

In this second scenario, the tutor will go ahead and mark your paper and give you the maximum score depending on your content because you have done your own research.

In other words, your paper should be as original as possible to scoop high marks.

How Turnitin detects old papers

Turnitin detects old papers because it stores such old papers within its database. As you can see from the illustration below, Turnitin has more than 500 million paper submissions in their database.

The implication of this is that there is a high likelihood of your paper to be plagiarized if it is not original.

Why students can use Turnitin

For a long time, it has been almost impossible for the students to use Turnitin because the rights of using it was mainly reserved for the tutors and lecturers.

Currently, a number of universities have began opening their platforms and availing the student version of Turnitin to help the students check their work before submission.

However, more than 90% of universities have not opened up their systems to be used by the students to check plagiarism using the university Turnitin software.

THE GOOD NEWS is that we are a third-party organization that have lawfully acquired the Turnitin software to help the students check their work.

Please contact us by sending an email with the topic “Plagiarism Check” to the email

Grammarly vs Turnitin Compared

These are two popular software that are used by the students to check their work. The comparison between Grammarly and Turnitin can be summarized as shown in the table below;

Grammarly Turnitin
Primarily meant to check grammatical mistakes  Primarily meant to check plagiarism 
Checks plagiarism as additional functionality  Checks plagiarism only
Compares submitted text with online content only  Compares the submitted texts against the online content in addition to all major academic databases 
Is perfect in checking grammatical mistakes  Is perfect in checking plagiarism 

From the above analysis, it is very obvious that you should use Grammarly if you want to check for grammatical mistakes in your paper.

However, you should use Turnitin if you want reliable plagiarism report in your paper.

How to log into Turnitin

There are three things you need while logging in to Turnitin. These are;

  1. Email address
  2. Password
  3. Enrollment Key

Turnitin login and password

However, most students cannot have these three things because Turnitin does not sell their software to individuals. They only sell to learning institutions.

So it is either you get these details from your university, or you email us, and we help you check your work and send to you the plagiarism report in your email.

How to properly check and interpret the Turnitin Reports

The first thing you need to check in your Turnitin Report is the overall similarity score.

If it is less than 5%, then you need not to worry because you can submit your paper without the worry of being penalized.

If the overall report is more than 5%, then you need to open your document and view the highlighted sections.

Any part highlighted (in whatever color) within the opened Plagiarism report is considered similar to other content within the Turnitin database or online platforms.

As you can see from the Turnitin plagiarism report above (top right), this paper is 56% plagiarized and the plagiarized sentences are those highlighted in difference colors.

All those colors represent difference sources where the text appear to be copied from.

Turnitin Colors
Turnitin Colors


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