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  • Can students use Turnitin for free?
  • Which is the best plagiarism checker for students?
  • How do students check their plagiarism for free?
  • What is the acceptable percentage allowed in Turnitin Reports?
  • What is the best alternative for Turnitin in checking plagiarism?
  • Can Turnitin detect smart paraphrasing?
  • Should students use Turnitin to check plagiarism?
  • What is class enrollment key for Turnitin?
  • How do I check my Turnitin Plagiarism Report?
  • Can I use Turnitin by Myself?
Free Turnitin
Free Turnitin

Can students use Turnitin for free? 

Essentially, Turnitin does not sell directly to students so even if you had money to but the software it will still not be availed to you.

This leaves you only with two options:

Option number one is to use it through your university portal (for the lucky students whose universities allow for this)

Option number two is to make a formal request to us through the email then we will sort you

Only the two options are available for you to check your paper with Turnitin for Free.


Which is the best plagiarism checker for students?

Obviously, it is Turnitin and there is nothing like Turnitin Alternative or anything that is close to it.

WHY? Because students submit their papers through Turnitin. This allows Turnitin to have a large database of papers to enable them compare with the currently submitted paper.

Any other plagiarism checker outside there is FAKE because they lack a database for previously submitted papers because no universities use their services to submit students’ papers.

Therefore, all other plagiarism checking software are not effective and you should only use them at your own risk!


If you really worry about plagiarism, then you are advised to use nothing other than Turnitin Plagiarism Checker.

How do students check their plagiarism for free?

Just as I have discussed extensively above, there are only two options: The first option is to check if your university portal is integrated with Turnitin and check it there.

The second option is to send a formal request to us so that we can do it on your behalf and send you the Turnitin Report.

The first option may not necessarily work even for those students whose portal are integrated with Turnitin because they mostly allow for one time upload.

To mean once you have submitted your paper, it will no longer allow you to submit again. So, it will lock you out technically.

What is the acceptable percentage allowed in Turnitin Reports?

Nobody will penalize you for 0% Turnitin Report. What this basically means is that you need to have 0% plagiarism in your content to avoid any inconvenience.

However, we recognize that some universities allow up to 10% of plagiarism content without being marked down.

What is the best alternative for Turnitin in checking plagiarism?

There is no alternative to Turnitin when it comes to checking plagiarism. Its either you are using Turnitin, or you are using fake services online that may cost you (student) your grade.

Why are the other plagiarism checkers fake? Because they do not have a student database because no universities use them to submit student papers.

Therefore, their usage is limited from the sense that they will only provide a shallow comparison with other content online, but they will not provide detailed comparison with any other student database used around the world.

Can Turnitin detect smart paraphrasing?

It is recommended to use your own words and cited all the borrowed ideas accordingly.

If you paraphrase smartly, your paper may still be considered plagiarism if you do not cite it.

Proper citation using styles such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago are good in helping the students to avoid plagiarism in their work.

Should students use Turnitin to check plagiarism?

Yes, Why Not?

Actually, a smart student should use Turnitin to check his/her papers because it helps the students to know whether his work will be marked down due to plagiarism or not.

Students should avoid submitting their assignments blindly since that is very risky if some percentage of plagiarism is detected in such papers.

It is recommended that the student checks his work with Turnitin and only submit if the paper is not plagiarized.

If the paper is plagiarized, then the student should use the downloaded Turnitin Report to make the changes before to the plagiarized paper then submit again.

It is even advisable to recheck the paper again through the Turnitin report to ensure that is is free from any form of plagiarism.


What is class enrollment key for Turnitin?

Students’ papers passed through Turnitin can only be submitted through special classes that require some enrollment key.

Therefore, class enrollment key is the key that is used to register classes within the Turnitin.

As a student, your university will guide provide your tutors with special enrollment key where you will be directed to submit your papers.

If you cannot access Turnitin logins, then there is no need to worry. Just contact us and we will help you accordingly to check your paper with Turnitin and send you the PDF copy of the Turnitin Report.

How do I check my Turnitin Plagiarism Report?

There are two things you need to check in your Turnitin Plagiarism Report:

  1. The overall percentage
  2. The highlighted sentences

If the overall percentage is 10% or less, then there is no need of going further to check the report.

In such a scenario, it is recommended that you just upload the paper because its plagiarism level it very insignificant.

However, if the overall percentage is 20% and more, then it is advisable to open the entire report and take a keen note on the highlighted sentences and start rephrasing them using your own words and giving citations accordingly.

Turnitin Vs Grammarly: How do they compare?

These are the two most common software being mentioned when it comes to checking students papers.

Turnitin was made for one sole purpose: which is to check plagiarism in student papers

Grammarly was initially made solely for the purpose of checking grammatical mistakes in papers and that is where is derives its name.

Later, the company also extended the functionality of their software to start checking for plagiarism.

I have been using these two software for the past 10 years and I can assure you that you should use this two software for two different purposes; that is Turnitin for plagiarism and Grammarly for checking grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly is very good in checking grammatical mistakes but is not accurate in detecting plagiarism.

The only shortcoming of Grammarly in checking plagiarism is that they do not have a reliable database where they can compare the papers uploaded into their system.

The implication is that they can generate a report that shows that a paper is 0% plagiarized, only to be shocked later when your tutor tells you that you have failed because your paper was 50% plagiarized.

To avoid such shortcomings, you should only trust Turnitin when it comes to plagiarism matters.

Can I use Turnitin by Myself?

Yes, you can use Turnitin by yourself provided you have a Personal Turnitin Account (personal login credentials).

Please contact or email us ( if you want personal Turnitin login credentials. These login credentials will contain your own email and your own unique password that you can change anytime.

The benefit of using a Personal Turnitin Account by yourself is that it will enhance your privacy and confidentiality as you check your papers.

It also gives you the opportunity to make the necessary corrections in good time.












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