Free Plagiarism Checker (Free Turnitin in 2024)

Plagiarism is a big concern for students. No matter how good your content is, it will amount to nothing if your work is plagiarized.

What is plagiarism? Plagiarism can simply be described by the words illustrated in the image below

What is Plagiarism?
What is Plagiarism?

What is the best free plagiarism checker?

This is the questions that many are willing to ask and get accurate answer!

The best free plagiarism checker is TURNITIN.

I know you may be asking… Why Turnitin?

Because it is the ultimate plagiarism checker used by the universities in checking students’ assignments, essays, coursework, thesis, and dissertations.

How do I check for plagiarism for free?

The only issue with Turnitin is that it is not freely available for the students. It is mostly sold to schools, colleges, universities, and recognized institutions.

The only way to check your work with Turnitin for free is to log in to your university portal and upload your work there (for few institutions that allow)

However, we can also help those students whose institutions does not allow them to personally check their work within their student portals.

Can you use Turnitin for free?

Definitely YES! If you can’t find it within your student portal, we can check it for your, for FREE!

We will check your document and send to the pdf copy of the Turnitin Report that shows those sentences that are plagiarized and the overall plagiarism percentage.

For more information, watch the video below!

How to Check and Download Turnitin Plagiarism Report FREE – YouTube 

Is there a free alternative Turnitin?

The answer is very simple: THERE IS NO TURNITIN ALTERNATIVE, whether paid or free!

Many blogs who want to promote their business will want to cheat you that their services are the best alternative to Turnitin. Please don’t waste your time and money!

The only alternative to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker is Turnitin itself!

Does Turnitin detect paraphrasing?

Turnitin will detect any unoriginal idea whether paraphrased or directly copied from a particular source.

The only solution is to write all the borrowed ideas in your own words and reference them accordingly!

Can students use Turnitin?

Why NOT? Students can use Turnitin as much as they want!

It is very risky to submit a plagiarized work since the student can either be expelled or get zero marks depending on the university policy.

Students from countries such as U.S, UK, Australia, and Canada have no option other than to confirm their work in Turnitin before submitting because plagiarism is a very serious concern in those country and can lead to expulsion from the university.

Better confirm that your work is zero or have minimal plagiarism before submitting because there is nothing you can do about it after you have submitted your work.

Having problems checking your work and getting the Turnitin Plagiarism Report? Please email us and we will check your work for FREE and send to you the Turnitin Plagiarism Report within few minutes.

Can Turnitin read images?

Until today, Turnitin does not read images. It only reads the text version in the document submitted.

What this means is that you never need to worry about any copy pasted image within your work, but it is advisable to reference any non-original image.

Turnitin will always skip the images and scan all the text within your work, so ensure that all your text are original and all the borrowed ideas are well cited.

Does Turnitin count references?

It depends on the setting of the Turnitin being used to check your paper.

In its default form, Turnitin check everything within your documents (except images). This means that it will also check the references within your text.

However, Turnitin can be set such that it stops or skips the references in your document. 

Are free plagiarism checkers safe?

There are several plagiarism checking software and most of them are NOT SAFE!

Why? They will erroneously check your paper and cheat you that your paper is free from plagiarism only to be shocked when you finally submit your document to your university portal where it will finally be checked by Turnitin.

I have tested and found that most of this software will show you a 0% plagiarism even in instances where your paper is more than 50% plagiarism. NEVER TRUST THEM!

The only safe plagiarism checker is Turnitin!

Is Grammarly a good plagiarism checker?

The word Grammarly is coined from the word GRAMMAR!

What this means is that Grammarly was meant to check grammar. Actually, it is the best grammar checking software online. It only tries to check plagiarism as a secondary objective after checking grammar, but it is NOT EFFECTIVE in plagiarism detection!

We are still stressing that the only good plagiarism checker is TURNITIN itself and nothing more.

You can trust the grammar report from Grammarly, but never trust their plagiarism report. I have been a victim erroneous plagiarism report and I’m helping you here for free.

What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

This depends on the university and the level of education such that high levels of education such as Masters and Doctoral studies prefer as little as 5% and below!

However, most universities in English speaking countries such as U.K, U.S, Canada, and Australia recommend a plagiarism level that is below 10%.

To be safe, it is better to have a paper that is 0% plagiarized. You can watch this YouTube video on the Acceptable Plagiarism Percentage on Turnitin

If you are unsure of how to remove the plagiarism in your work, then contact us

Does Google have a plagiarism checker?

Google does not have a plagiarism checker because their primary objective is to provide you with a medium where you can search useful content. They do not provide services such as plagiarism checking online.

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