Turnitin Instructor Account Review 

Introduction about Turnitin Instructor Account 

Turnitin is a widely used platform for academic integrity and plagiarism detection. With its instructor account, educators gain access to tools that facilitate efficient grading, provide feedback, and ensure academic integrity through advanced AI detection. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key features, benefits, and considerations associated with the Turnitin Instructor account equipped with AI detection capabilities.

The Turnitin Instructor account equipped with AI detection capabilities offers educators a powerful toolkit for promoting academic integrity, streamlining grading processes, and enhancing student learning outcomes. By leveraging advanced plagiarism detection algorithms, intuitive feedback mechanisms, and collaborative tools, instructors can effectively uphold academic standards while fostering a culture of academic honesty and integrity within their classrooms. However, it’s crucial for educators to remain vigilant, exercise discretion, and prioritize student privacy and data security when utilizing Turnitin’s services. With proper training, support, and adherence to best practices, the Turnitin Instructor account can be a valuable asset in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Does Turnitin have an AI detector?

Yes, Turnitin launched their AI detector on 4th April 2023 after close to two years of development. Turnitin is always ahead of the game for other players within the plagiarism detection industry. In this regard, Turnitin still reserves its place at number one among the top 10 best plagiarism checkers.

The main work of the AI detector is to identify and flag content that is written by AI tools such as chatGPT, Google Bard and Quillbot.

Turnitin is the first plagiarism checker to integrate AI detector within their system. Before the launch, it was not easy for the teachers to identify and detect papers written by AI.

The Turnitin AI checker is so accurate such that if you have worries that your paper may contain the AI content, then you need to look further.

Can Turnitin detect AI essays?

Traditionally, it was not possible for Turnitin to detect AI essays. Turnitin software started detecting the AI essays on 4th April 2023. Turnitin AI has been developed by dedicated Turnitin AI Team.

The most common type of AI essay is the essay written by chatGPT. Many students are abusing this AI app to create essays then submit them as their own content.

It is good to note that the chatGPT or any other AI generated essay is not acceptable. It is for this reason that Turnitin decided to come in and set up a mechanism by which teachers can identify those content that are generated by AI.

The main aim of Turnitin is to promote academic integrity. If the students can walk away with cheating, then the academic integrity of schools will be greatly affected.

So far so good because Turnitin has stepped up at the right time to help educators take this monster called AI. If you are a student and have been using AI to generate your essays, then you better stop because the Turnitin technology has caught up with you.

How effective is Turnitin AI detection?

Turnitin took close to 2 years to develop the AI detector. It was 2 years of extensive research and testing to ensure that everything is okay, and the accuracy and effectiveness of this tool is top notch.

Turnitin AI detection is able to identify and detect AI generated content with 98% accuracy. All other AI detectors are only able to identify AI content at 50% accuracy. This implies that the Turnitin AI detector is more superior that any other application out there.

Why is Turnitin AI detector so powerful? Because Turnitin spent close to two years developing it. It has been tested and retested again and again before being release to the market.

We did a sample test by asking chatGPT two write for us an essay about LGBTQ

We then run the essay on the Turnitin AI check and to our surprise, the essay was 100% flagged as AI content. From our simple test, the Turnitin AI checker is 100% effective (see image below).

Turnitin AI score

Turnitin is the most effective AI checker we ever tested. Other AI checkers we test could only detect about 50-60 of the AI content.

If you are serious about looking for an effective AI checker, then look no further than Turnitin.

How do you tell if a paper was written by AI?

From the look of things, it may not be possible to tell if a paper is written by AI. Some would argue that you can know by the sentence flow, but it is not that easy. Some people are known to write content with the same content flow as that of AI.

You may only speculate.

The best and the surest way to know if a paper is written by AI is to use a powerful AI detector like Turnitin. Even if the AI content is hidden in the many parts of the paper, Turnitin will still look for the hidden sentences then flag them accordingly. It is the only surest way of telling if a paper is written by AI.

How does Turnitin check for cheating?

Turnitin checks for cheating in two ways. First, it checks for cheating by detecting plagiarism in your work. Remember, there are many forms of plagiarism and Turnitin is capable of detecting almost all forms of plagiarism.

The second way by which Turnitin detects cheating is by identifying content generated by AI. It is called AI plagiarism. AI tools such as chatGPT has and Google Bard has made is very easy for students to generate essays and research papers without typing any paragraph.

You need to note that the content generated by AI is not acceptable in academic realm. You need to generate content on your own as a scholar.

Those are the two main ways by which Turnitin detects cheating, and it does them perfectly.

Does Scribbr detect AI?

Scribbr is a plagiarism checking tool that is less superior in terms of plagiarism checking or AI detection. Scribbr can only detect a certain amount of plagiarism or AI but it may not be capable of detecting hidden types of plagiarism or deeply hidden AI content.

If you are serious about AI checking, please consider using Turnitin checker and not Scribbr. It will give you the most advanced AI detection with 98% accuracy.

Does Grammarly Detect AI?

Grammarly is only superior when it comes to detecting grammatical mistakes and not AI generated content. Currently, Grammarly has not announced any plans of having an AI detector. It simply means their software may not be able to detect any form of AI content as per now.

If you are serious about AI checking, please consider using Turnitin checker and not Grammarly. It will give you the most advanced AI detection with 98% accuracy.

How do I catch AI generated content?

To catch AI generated content, just login into the Turnitin instructor account then upload the paper then check on the percentage of AI content on it. If it reads zero on the AI score, then the paper has no AI content. If it reads 100% on AI content, then you are sure that the paper was generated by AI tool.

We recommend that you use Turnitin because it has the most advanced AI detection tool ever. You can contact us if you do not have access to Turnitin Instructor account with AI detection capabilities.

What is the best AI detector?

We will never get tired to remind you that the best AI detector is none other than Turnitin Instructor account.

Can Turnitin detect Quillbot?

Turnitin detects Quillbot with utmost accuracy. Quillbot is an AI rephrase or rewriter. Since Quillbot content is AI content, Turnitin can detect Quillbot content with 98% precision.

What is the shortcoming of the Turnitin AI detector?

The only shortcoming of Turnitin AI detector is that it is not available on the student version of Turnitin. The AI detection tool of Turnitin is only available on the instructor version of Turnitin.

The good news is that even a student can just use the instructor version of Turnitin to check their works. Actually, most students prefer to purchase the instructor Turnitin as opposed to student Turnitin just for the AI detection.

If you are a student and you are looking for an instructor Turnitin with AI detection, then look no further. Just email or contact us then we will give you the Instructor logins at the most affordable price ever.

How to use Turnitin AI Detector

The following are the steps you need to take to use the Turnitin AI detector

  1. Got to Turnitin website
  2. Click login
  3. Enter your email and password (contact us if you need these two)
  4. Click on any available class
  5. Click view
  6. Click submit file
  7. Enter your names and submission tittle of your choice
  8. Upload file
  9. Confirm file
  10. Go to assignment inbox
  11. Wait for 5 minutes for the report to be generated
  12. Click on the percentage icon (it will open a new window)
  13. Check the lower right for an icon named (AI)
  14. The percentage on the AI icon is the percentage of the AI content on your paper.

For clear visual steps on how to use Turnitin AI detector, please watch our YouTube video.



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