Do not use Free Turnitin Class ID and Enrollment Key! USE THIS INSTEAD


When you check online you will find many students looking for free Turnitin class ID and enrollment keys.

Have you ever asked yourself if it is worth it?

Is it even safe to use them? What is the alternative method of checking Turnitin plagiarism?

In this article, we will explore more details about the free Turnitin class ID and enrollment keys then tell you the best option or the best alternative that you can use instead.

What is Turnitin Class ID?

This is an eight-figure number that is automatically created when a Turnitin administrator registers a class.

They are like unique identifier of a particular class that will be used by the student to check the assignment.

Every class ID is unique in the 8 figures, and it can help you locate your class and even locate where you submitted your work.

What is Turnitin Enrollment Key

The Turnitin enrollment key is a 6-figure number that enrolls the class within the Turnitin.

Just like the Turnitin class ID, the enrollment key is like the broader identifier that may house several class IDs.

You can as well use the Turnitin enrollment key to locate the place you need to submit your paper or even to trace your work that had already been submitted to Turnitin earlier.

How does the Turnitin class ID and enrollment key work?

If you have these two numerical, then you just need to go to Turnitin then instead of login in, you just CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

Once the try to create an account, it will redirect you to an interface where you can enter the class ID and enrollment key.

Free Turnitin Class ID
Free Turnitin Class ID

When you enter those figures, it will redirect you to a page where you can upload your work then wait for about 5 minutes to receive the plagiarism report.

It is just that simple, no rocket science involved.

Is it safe to use Turnitin to check your assignments?

Yes, it is very safe, provided you are using a non-repository Turnitin.

Why you should not use the Free Turnitin class ID and enrollment key

We strongly discourage the use of the free Turnitin class ID and enrollment keys for three key main reasons

  • You are not aware whether it is repository or non-repository. In this regard, there is high possibility that you may plagiarized your work during plagiarism checking.
  • Since you are using an enrollment key that has been created by another person, there is that possibility that such a persons may get access to your paper and do anything with it (No privacy or security).
  • Finally, you should avoid the free Turnitin class ID and enrollment keys because of their limited usage. After checking one assignment with your Turnitin class ID, you really need to hustle and look for another Turnitin ID to either recheck the first assignment or to check your next assignment.

With all the above shortcomings, it is clear that using the free Turnitin class ID and enrollment keys is not a better and safe option.

Cheap is always expensive and this also applies to Turnitin.

What should you do? Should you not use Turnitin to check your assignments?

What is the alternative to Turnitin Free class ID and enrollment key?

The alternative to the free Turnitin class ID and enrollment key is by purchasing a personal Turnitin account.

A personal Turnitin account is simply the email and password that you will need to log into Turnitin platform.

If you have the email and password, you will not need to create an account, you just need to log in.

The benefits of the personal Turnitin accounts are enormous.

  • First, the personal Turnitin account guarantees you the privacy and security that you deserve. This is because you will be accorded your own customized email and password that you can change any time. In this regard, you will be able to lock out anybody who may intrude into your account and try to download your paper.
  • Secondly, the personal Turnitin account by default is a non-repository account so there is no risk of self-plagiarism. You are free to check the same paper as many times as you wish without the stress of self-plagiarizing your own work.
  • The other benefit is that you have unlimited options to check and recheck your work as many times as you wish because your work is not saved in Turnitin. Even if you have many assignments, you can just check all of them because the classes will just be added automatically upon the click of a button. In fact, with the Turnitin account, you can even create for your friends the free classes we were talking about the send them those digits for their own personal use.
  • The other benefit is that it is long lasting. If you purchase the one-year subscription that normally goes for only $29.99 USD, you can use it for all those many months without worrying about checking your work through Turnitin again.
  • Then there are many other benefits such as speed, convenience, and reliability that we have not talked about.

With all the above reasons, we strongly recommend that the student should avoid the usage of Turnitin free class ID and enrollment key, but instead purchase the personal Turnitin account.

In conclusion, it is advisable to purchase a personal Turnitin account as opposed to the free class ID and enrollment key. 

Just contact us and we will give you access to one year non repository Turnitin account for $29.99 USD. 



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