5 Places to find the Turnitin class ID and class enrollment key

Turnitin class ID and enrollment key are essential components of Turnitin, the most powerful plagiarism detection software. On our previous article, we already mentioned the Top 10 Reasons why Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker?

  1. Class ID: The Turnitin class ID is a unique identifier assigned to a specific class or course within Turnitin. It helps distinguish one class from another on the platform. When an instructor creates a Turnitin assignment for their class, they associate it with a particular class ID to ensure that submissions are correctly attributed to the right course.
  2. Enrollment Key: The enrollment key, also known as the class enrollment password, is a security measure used to restrict access to a Turnitin class. It’s essentially a password that students need to enter when joining a Turnitin class to prevent unauthorized individuals from joining. The enrollment key ensures that only students enrolled in the corresponding course can submit their assignments through Turnitin.
Free Turnitin
Free Turnitin

If you’re looking for Turnitin class ID and enrollment key, they are usually accessed through many options. Below are 5 typical ways by which you can find the Turnitin class ID and enrollment key. 

  1. Purchase it from third party resellers: One of such third-party resellers are us. Please note that we will create for you a Turnitin Instructor account with both plagiarism and AI Detection if you can pay a small fee of $49.99. The Turnitin License works for one year, during which you can check unlimited number of papers on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Turnitin Account does not store any paper in Turnitin database, so you do not need to worry about plagiarizing your own work during submission (no repository). After checking your paper and downloading the report, you can click the delete button and your paper will be deleted permanently. 
  2. Instructor Provided: Your instructor or teacher who set up the Turnitin assignment should provide you with the class ID and enrollment key. They often distribute this information at the beginning of the course or when they assign Turnitin tasks. However, this one depends on the university policy as some universities allow while others do not allow.  
    Free Turnitin Class ID
    Free Turnitin Class ID
  3. Course Materials: Sometimes, the class ID and enrollment key are provided within your course materials, syllabus, or assignment instructions. Look through your course documents or online learning platform for this information.
  4. Contact Instructor or Support: If you can’t find the class ID and enrollment key, reach out to your instructor or the support team of your institution. They should be able to provide you with the necessary information.
  5. Institutional Portal: If your institution has an online portal for academic resources, you might find the class ID and enrollment key there. Check your institution’s website or academic portal for any relevant information.

Remember, it’s crucial to keep this information confidential to maintain the integrity of Turnitin assignments and prevent unauthorized access to your class. From the above 5 options, the first option is the most reliable since it depends on your pockets


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