5 Kinds of Plagiarism to Ignore and Never Worry About


In many instances, students find themselves in places where they are not sure whether to accept nor ignore plagiarism that appears in their paper.

In as much as plagiarism is not acceptable in academic writing, some instances of plagiarism are allowed, and we will explain such instances.

Remember, Turnitin is still the best and the safest plagiarism checker, and we will explain for you in the conclusion on how to get access to non-repository Turnitin account.

In the article below, we will provide you 5 instances where you should not worry about plagiarism.


References are one of the most crucial parts of a paper. All references have the names of the author, the year of publication, the tittle of the publication and the name of the publisher.

There is no way you can change any of these details. If you try to change any of these details with the aim of avoiding plagiarism, then you totally change the reference.

When plagiarism is just on the reference sections alone, you will be excused because it is understandable.

You can always know the correct plagiarism percentage in your work minus your references in two ways

  1. Go to the settings of your Turnitin and exclude the reference sections from the plagiarism check
  2. Cut out the references section during plagiarism check then return it after you have the plagiarism report

Even if your references list is highlighted to have the plagiarism, please just ignore it because you will never be plagiarized for that.


Quotes simply means the direct quotation of a sentence that is directly copied the way it was said. Quotes are integral part of academic writing and in some instances, they even add marks to the writing.

The only problem with quotes is that they are automatically plagiarized. All the plagiarism detectors will easily detect the plagiarism in quotes with much easy. Due to the nature of the quotes, there is no way you can beat plagiarism in the use of quotation marks.

For those using Turnitin plagiarism checking, just go to the settings and “exclude quotes”. When this is done, it will be automatic in that the plagiarism checker will skip areas with quotation marks in reading the plagiarism report.

Diagrams and Illustrations

Diagrams and illustrations are part of the academic paper. They strengthen the academic nature of the paper and makes it more presentable.

Most illustrations can also bring more plagiarism to the work because illustrations are just the same thing.

Turnitin plagiarism checker is so powerful that it can highlight the plagiarism in illustrations and tables. However, it is not a serious concern, and you will not be plagiarized for it.

In other words, the best you can do is to cite all those diagrams and illustrations accordingly. Citing them implies that you at least acknowledged the original owners and thus you will not be penalized for plagiarism.

Personal Information Plagiarism

All academic papers are full of personal information. What we mean by the personal information are the names of the author, the University of the Author, the department, the name of the lecturer among other things.

Since you can never change the aspects of personal information like your college department, your institution name, the course code among other things, they will always appear plagiarized in the Turnitin plagiarism report.

You are always advised to ignore the plagiarism in those sections of your paper.

The good thing with the personal information is that is usually a small section of the paper, and it may not even bring more than 5% of plagiarism in your work.

It simply means that your work falls within the acceptable plagiarism limits

As long as your work is within the limits mentioned in the article above, you should never worry much about that plagiarism.

Turnitin Colors
Turnitin Colors

Plagiarism in questions and headings

Many questions and research headings are already within the website platforms. Some students are known to post their work in popular student websites such as Chegg and Course Hero. Such questions will always bring plagiarism in that when you post the same questions in your work, it individual question will be plagiarized.

Headings such as research methodology, research objectives, and ethical questions among others have also been consistently used by students for years making them common words that cannot evade plagiarism.

You should never worry about them because they will not add significantly to your overall plagiarism percentage.

How to remove plagiarism

In case you are a victim of serious plagiarism that does not fall within the five areas mentioned above (plagiarism of 20% and above), then you have no other option other than to reduce the plagiarism from your work.

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There are several ways or removing plagiarism depending on the nature of plagiarism in your work. One of the surest ways of removing plagiarism from your work is to hire a plagiarism expert like us. We remove all kinds of plagiarism including the repository plagiarism.

We can professionally rewrite your work without interfering with the original intended meaning. We will also not interfere with the scientific terms and definitions during the plagiarism removal. All the illustrations, diagrams, charts and references will also remain intact during the plagiarism removal process. We will even add more academically accepted references such as peer reviewed journals to your work to make it more professional. Our plagiarism removal service also comes with proper proofreading such that all the grammatical mistakes will be removed. We even remove the papers stored in the Turnitin repository. 


We have noticed that you should never worry about the plagiarism in your paper if the only plagiarized areas as quotes, references, questions, personal information and the images and illustrations. For you to know the right plagiarism score, you really need to have access to non-repository Turnitin account. The non-repository Turnitin account goes for only $29.99 USD for one year subscription. Just contact us then we will let you know how to get access to the personal Turnitin account for one year subscription. You can also contact us if you need professional plagiarism removal services at a small fee.



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