4 Types of Turnitin Accounts Available (USE THIS ONE)


Making the decision to use Turnitin is one thing and making the decision on the type of Turnitin to use is another. 

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Some people are even not aware there 4 types of Turnitin Accounts Available

As a buyer, you really need to know the product/service you are using and why?

All in all, it is worth knowing that each and every Turnitin account comes with its advantages and disadvantages as we will mention below.

In this article, we will explain the 4 types of Turnitin


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Repository Student Account

This is a student Turnitin account that has been configured to store the uploaded work in the Turnitin database. It is the rarest Turnitin you can never come across because there is no way a student will buy a repository Turnitin.

There is no way someone would buy a software that will give him or her problems.

With this Turnitin, you can only check a paper once and such paper cannot be submitted again.

A student should avoid this type of Turnitin like plague.

Even if it is given for free, never try to use it.

Non-Repository Student Account

This is the student account that checks the plagiarism report but does not store or leave the paper in the Turnitin repository. It is the most common Turnitin used by students because it leaves them with no risk of self-plagiarism.

Even if you check the same paper 100 times, it will never leave any trace of your work in the Turnitin repository.

It is easy to use, and its classes tends to take more time before they expire.

This is the type of Turnitin you need to purchase if you are a student.

You can contact us if you want a non-repository student account at student discounted price.

Repository Instructor Account

This is the most common Turnitin used by the teachers. The teachers/tutors/academic professors use it because it is more powerful, and it stores the checked documents in the Turnitin repository.

The reason why the teachers would want to use it is because they do not want students who submit an assignment that is not theirs.

Once a paper has been submitted for marking using the repository instructor account, such a paper can never be submitted again for marking.

It can never be submitted again because it will show 100% plagiarism associated with the university indicated in the plagiarism software.

The other usefulness of this type of Turnitin is that it can be used to create several other Turnitin classes.

Free Turnitin Class ID
Free Turnitin Class ID

If you are a student, never try to use this type of Turnitin, it will save your work in Turnitin database.

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Non-Repository Instructor Account

This is a type of Turnitin that is meant for teaches, instructors, and academic professors. It can also be used by students processing several papers on daily basis or academic tutors.

Any other student can also use it just because of one reason: It does not save the papers checked through it in the Turnitin repository.

It means that there is no risk of self-plagiarism while using this software.

It is more powerful that the student account and it can also be used to create several other class IDs and enrollment keys.

Watch this video to see how we create the non-repository Turnitin instructor account for our users. 

VIDEO How we create non repository Turnitin Accounts for our clients 

Which one to use and why?

First, you really need to know where you stand. Are you a student or are you the teacher.

If you are the student, you should only consider the non-repository Turnitin. It can either be the non-repository student account or the non-repository instructor account.

They all produce the same quality plagiarism report. The reason you should use the non-repository types is because they do not store your paper in the Turnitin database. In this regard, there is no risk of self-plagiarism.

On the other hand, if you are a teacher, instructor or professor, then you should consider using the repository instructor account. It will help you in that it will block your students from uploading a work that had already been submitted earlier.

Teachers can also use the repository student account but there is no need because it has limited capability.

Since most Turnitin buyers are students, are strongly advice that you purchase the non-repository student account or the non-repository instructor account. The non-repository student account is cheaper than the non-repository instructor account.

Concluding Remarks

Let me conclude this by advising the students. Of all the Turnitin accounts, only consider buying the non-repository student account or the non-repository instructor account. Currently we sell the non-repository student account for $29.99 USD for one year subscription. It will save you in that your work will not be saved in the Turnitin database.


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